School of sports, health care and nursing is expected to be established in Mimasaka city, Okayama province in 2018




In the context of the aging population, Japan is facing to the lack of nurses. In particular, the trend of this issue is exposed clearly in the local area. Therefore, the cooperation model of Osaka Jikei Group of Collegeswas established with the aim of training human resources for health care and social welfare as well as solving problems relating to health human resources.

The model cooperating with local authorities of Osaka Jikei Group of Collegeswas carried out from 2013. After receiving the request from Izumo City, Shimane Province, Osaka Jikei Group of Collegeshad established Izumo College of Medical Health and Nursing. In addition, Tottori City College of Medical Health and Nursing was opened in 2015. In the spring of 2018, Osaka Jikei Group of Collegeswill cooperate with Mimasaka City Commission to launch Schoolof Sports, Health Care and Nursing in Mimasaka city, Okayama Province. The school, including faculty of nursing (3 years, 40 students), faculty of social welfare (2 years, 40 students), faculty of sports medicine (4 years, 30 students), will be a wonderful source of providing human resources for nursing home, city hospitals and soccer teams. Moreover, Mimasaka city signed a friendship agreement relating to staff exchange with the University of Danang. Therefore, UD’s staff and students will have opportunity to study and do internship in Health care and Nursing at Schoolof Sports, Health Care and Nursing. In order to facilitate the specialized training, the school will provide Japanese courses (1 year, 40 students) for UD’s staff and students.



“I would like to give sincere thanks to the leaders of Osaka Jikei Group of Collegesfor choosing our city as the co-location to build School of Sports, Health Care and Nursing. The construction of this school not only guarantees nursing and health care human resources in the northeastern area of Okayama Province (including Mimasaka city), Hyogo Province, Tottori Province but also is a destination for young people studying outside Mimasaka city. I firmly believe that youth will become the helpful assistants of Mimasaka city in the future.

I do hope that after the opening ceremony of this school in April 2018, the city will be filled with the youthfulness. Especially, this model will help Mimasaka city to build a good circulation economy with a lot of huge achievements” according to Mr. Seji Hagawara - Mayor of Mimasaka City.