UFLS Student Scientific Research Conference 2017



On the morning of May 19, 2017, UFLS organized a Student Scientific Research Conference 2017 with 199 student participants from the 8 departments at the university.


For this year’s Conference, 77 selected from 143 pieces of research were considered well-written and diverse in terms of research fields including linguistics, translation, cultures, international relations, economic and social issues.

Previously, UFLS held several counselling sessions for students on how to implement scientific topics, present reports and choose appropriate approaches for their studies

The most notable change in the Student Scientific Research Conference 2017 was that all the scientific reports were approved to be presented at the conference. The Conference is, therefore, a golden opportunity for UFLS students to show their abilities and creativity as well as to exchange and acquire knowledge from their peers and the lecturers.

In 2016, UFLS students won the third and consolation prizes at the National Student Scientific Research Conference and the second prize in 2014.