Maintain and promote cooperation with the JFE group



On Tuesday, May 16th, 2017, Prof. Tran Van Nam – President of the University of Danang (UD) and Dr. Hoang Hai – Director of International Cooperation –UD met and worked with the Japan JFE Steel Corporation led by Dr. Hisaya Kamura – Vice Rector of JFE Institute for Research, to exchange plans for cooperation promotion of both parties according to signed MOU.

Prof.Dr. Tran Van Nam – President of UD and Dr. Hisaya Kamura – Vice Rector of JFE Institute for Research

On this occasion, the JFE delegation introduced Mr. Isao Fukushima - General Director of JFE Steel Vietnam Co., Ltd., in place of his predecessor, Mr. Koji Maeno, Mr. Takayuki Namba will be responsible for cooperation programs and activities with UD and University of Science and Technology- UD (DUT – UD).

At the meeting, Prof.Dr. Tran Van Nam expressed his gratitude for the cooperation and support of JFE for UD, DUT - UD including scholarships for UD’s students, research cooperation with DUT-UD in field of architecture and construction engineering.

Prof.Dr. Tran Van Nam also asked JFE and UD’s member universities to further develop the contents of the cooperation such as enhancing research projects in fields of JFE’s production and business in chemistry, construction materials ... further promote tripartite cooperation between JFE, Yokohama National University and UD. These research collaborations should be summarized by jointly organizing international scientific conferences as well as published in the prestigious national and international scientific journals.

 “In addition, JFE, in cooperation with its partners, can also provide additional support to UD through postgraduate training programs (MSc, PhD) in the fields of construction, architecture, materials, chemistry ...” suggested Prof. Tran Van Nam

Important contents were discussed at the meeting

On behalf of JFE, Mr. Kamura, Vice Rector of JFE Institute for Research in Japan, also expressed that UD has been one of JFE's strategic partners in Vietnam, and JFE pledged to maintain and enhance cooperation with UD. In correspondence to the recommendations from Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam, JFE will review and deploy them in the coming time. JFE will continue to offer scholarships for UD’s students and give sponsorship to the Japanese Center (which is providing free Japanese language training to students of UD) and further strengthen research collaboration with DUT - UD.

Prof.Dr. Tran Van Nam and Dr. Hisaya Kamura exchanged souvenir gifts

Group photo of all participants