Awarding Master Degree Ceremony


On May 11, 2012, the University of Danang (UD) in combination with Nice-Sophia Antipolis University (NSAU) organized the Ceremony awarding Master degrees on Informatics, Basic sciences and Engineering for 21 Graduates from joint training Master programs.

Participants of the ceremony were representatives from UD’s presidential board, relevant managers and staff, lecturers and graduates of the program.

Professor Marc Gaetano, one of the lecturers of the program, head of the office of International cooperation – NSAU’s College of Engineering (Unit in charge of training), on behalf of NSAU has presented at the ceremony.


Training Master Program of Informatics, Basic sciences and Engineering is one of the 6 programs provided by NSAU at the University of Danang. Among 26 candidates of this program, there were only 21 admitted by NSAU. This was the first batch of joint training Master programs of the two universities.