British Culture Festival, Sunday 9th April, 2017



We recently held our British Culture Festival in collaboration with the British Council, which was open to the community of Da Nang. This festival was a time to celebrate all things British!


Our first year students were responsible for the agenda of the day as the festival was their final assessment for their module ‘UK Culture’.

The day consisted of different themed booths, hosting games and activities, ranging from ‘Film and Literature’, ‘Selfies with the Royal Family’, and ‘British Food’- Fish and Chips and sandwiches were all available to try!

Some of our students also performed traditional Folk dancing, and a scene from Romeo and Juliet!

The afternoon followed with British Afternoon Tea; tea and an assortment of cakes, bread and jams were available to try. We also welcomed UK Alumni speakers: Võ Lương Bình Nguyên
and Nguyễn Trần Gia Khánh who shared their experiences about embracing UK culture, when they studied and worked abroad.

The festival ended with a movie showing of the Shakespearean play: Hamlet.

Our students worked extremely hard preparing for the festival, and their hard work paid off! We look forward to seeing what our new first years will prepare for British Culture Festival in 2018.


Our UK alumni speakers: Võ Lương Bình Nguyên
and Nguyễn Trần Gia Khánh, sharing their experiences about the UK


Some of our delicious treats for Afternoon Tea


Our students re-enacting Romeo and Juliet