Students of school year 2017 will be paved the way at the highest level to enhance their competence in english language under international standards



Internationalization of all activities is a major priority that the School of Information and Communication Technology (SICT) is determined to implement in its development strategy.

Therefore, the SICT has been gearing up a large number of necessary conditions to facilitate the students in the fields of Information Technology, Computer Engineering and Technology, and Business Administration, including achieving English outcome standards agreeing with international standards, being able to work as soon as possible for foreign enterprises while studying or after graduation.

To attain the above objectives, some of plans that the SICT is determined to conduct, such as:

- Organizing free English language enrichment classes for the students from the first year to reinforce and enhance their English language,

- All modules in the basic specialized and specialized discipline will be taught totally in English.

- Many other modules will also be trained entirely in English by foreign lecturers and Vietnamese ones who graduated from overseas,

- Connecting and regularly inviting related experts and international volunteers come, along with the students, to share, and participate in talk shows, extra-curricular activities to facilitate them to practice their English language,

- Setting English language outcome standards in accordance with international standards to motivate the students to procure,

- Putting the training management process according to international standards into practice.

Accordingly, the SICT has worked with representatives of NIIT University, India to collaborate on the transfer and application of teaching materials which are in English according to international standards, actual up-to-date and applied to many universities around the world.

Assoc. Prof. Huynh Cong Phap - Dean of School of Information and Communication Technology discussed with the representative of NIIT University, India (

Within this framework of cooperation, NIIT has developed the training plan for the SICT’s lecturers to put the assessment process and teaching methods under international standards into effect.

In addition, the SICT has also worked and established the detailed plan with MGM Company and USAID Comet Organization for implementing free English teaching for 2017 enrollment students.

Assoc. Prof. Huynh Cong Phap - Dean of School of Information and Communication Technology had a meeting with two representatives of MGM Company and USAID Comet Organization

With the above plans, the SICT’s goals and strategies are to educate its students who are going to gain advanced knowledge, and English language proficiency in accordance with international standards in order to meet recruitment requirements of both domestic and international enterprises in the Age of integration.