Dialogue between UFLS leaders and students



On the afternoon of 2 June, 2017, UFLS organized a dialogue session between UFLS leaders and students in order for the Management Board to keep themselves informed about the students’ attitudes towards the implementation of different activities at school in the academic year 2016-2017 and to discuss the best solutions to overcome current shortcomings to enhance the training quality.

Dr. Tran Huu Phuc - UFLS Rector giving a talk at the dialogue session


The dialogue mainly focused on the students’ practical issues, for instance, training, examinations, student affairs, facilities, medical service and other activities held by the Youth Union and Student Union.




Students raising questions  


At the dialogue session, both the leaders and students express their opinions in a frank, open and responsible manner. All the students’ queries and expectations were adequately addressed. Moreover, the Management Board highly appreciated their suggestions and pledged to realize them to the best of their abilities. 




The university’s leaders addressing the students’ queries


After the three-hour-dialogue, Dr. Tran Huu Phuc highly appreciated the students’ responsibilities in actively participating in making suggestions for the school’s development. On behalf of UFLS leaders, the Rector gave a pledge that they would do their best to address the students’ concerns as well as fulfill their expectations. He also believed that with the continual support from all the lecturers and staff, the students would enjoy a better learning environment as they wished. 


Dr. Nguyen Van Long - UFLS Vice Rector giving a talk


Dr. Nguyen Van Long - UFLS Vice Rector said: “All the students’ opinions were really worth considering and clearly showed their desires to contribute to the university’s growth in various ways. Therefore, the Management Board always hopes to receive more and more sincere and constructive feedback from the students”.


Such activity is organized annually and has served as an important bridge connecting the school’s leaders and students. It offers students opportunities to share their opinions in an open and active manner and also to help the university find out the best solutions as well as adjust their policies to fulfill the students’ rights and expectations and meeting the parents’ satisfactions about the school’s training quality and learning environment at UFLS.