Cultural Studies- A dynamic and acumen major



In Vietnam, a great challenge for society in the current trend of international integration is how to raise the awareness of cultural self of Vietnamese young generation to master "integration without assimilation" attitude. That is the reason why the 10 years old major at the Faculty of Literature - University of Education – the University of Danang sees increasing interest and love of young people: Culture studies- a promising major to give student a joyful experience, a very active and acumen job.

Is the enjoyment lifestyle, moral decadence, depraved personality ... associated with environmental crises? Is the widening gap between the rich and the poor, drug addiction and disease epidemic... a series of manifestations of the "cultural crisis"?

The cause of the above crisis phenomenon is that people do not know where the cultural self is, they are swept in the whirlwind of integration, believe in what good "flat world" brings them.



Constantly innovating the curriculum; Improving the training quality; In particular, the re-structuring the cultural program in the direction of specialization, namely Cultural Management, is one of the great advantages for us to carry out qualified culture training, meeting the requirements of current society. Furthermore, this enrollment orientation will meet the output standards and contribute to career orientation for students.

Students will not be disappointed when coming to the Faculty of Literature - University of Education - the University of Danang as well as choosing cultural studies. We commit to provide students with basic knowledge of cultural theories and methods of cultural studies; basic and systematic knowledge of the elements and aspects of culture; specific knowledge about Vietnamese culture, world culture and applied culture; knowledge of the organization, operation, management and implementation of programs in the cultural and artistic fields of cultural sections, departments, the culture-sports-tourism department of province (city). In particular, students will have sense of civic responsibility, respectful attitude and pride in national and local cultural assets, cultural treasures of ethnic minorities; actively participate in social and cultural activities in order to understand and promote the image of the country and people of Vietnam to the domestic and international social community. And certainly students will nurture a passion for exploring, discovering and researching traditional and modern cultural values.

That is also our commitment to the output quality of the Bachelor of Arts students to the whole society.