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The workshop on writing SAR for programme assessment with AUN-QA criteria version 3 was home to more than 100 teaching staff of The University of Danang on June 17th, 2017


With the aim to achieve international recognition and improve the quality of training, on June 17, 2017, The University of Danang (UD) held a workshop on writing SAR for programme assessment with AUN-QA criteria version 3. The workshop is organized to support academic staff and support staff of UD Member Institutions to well prepare for AUN-QA self-assessment at programme level and external quality assessment in the next 2 years 2018-2019.

With the vision towards being one of the leading universities in Southeast Asean and advancing to international integration with of the cutting-edge disciplines in almost all fields of Technical, Economics, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Humane Studies, The University of Danang has always set the quality of training and teaching on the top, has paid special attention to the AUN-QA quality accreditation at institutional and programme levels.

From this orientation, in the recent years, UD has constantly improved internal quality assurance system, continuously updated and modernized programs as well as innovated student assessment and teaching-learning approach.   The result of these efforts is the memorable mark in the quality assurance of higher education in Member Institutions of UD.  Attending the Vietnam's educational quality accreditation system, UD now has become the first university in Vietnam which has all member universities (4/4 or 100%) certified the national standard of educational quality at institutional level by Center for Education Accreditation, Vietnam National University in the past academic year 2016-2017. In February, 2017, two Advanced Program in Electronic and Communication Engineering (ECE) and Embedded Systems (ES) of UD - University of Science and Technology has been recognized the quality standard of the AUN-QA assessment at programme level with the scores of 5.3/7.0 and 5.2/7.0 respectively (the 2nd ranking in Southeast Asia). Recently, UD - University of Science and Technology has also been recognized by The High Council for Evaluation of Research and Higher Education(HCERES) for 5 years along with Hanoi University of Technology, The University of Civil Engineering and Ho Chi Minh University of Technology (see more accreditation results of UD - University of Science and Technology).

Thus, AUN-QA quality assurance standards in particular and other international quality assurance framework in general are now the target that many universities in Vietnam and in South East Asia want to reach. It is not only confirms the quality of training but also builds up the quality of a international integrated and recognized university.

Dr. Nguyen Le Hoa – Program Chair of Advanced Program in Embedded System, The Center of Excellence shared experience and method of writing self-assessment report

The process of AUN-QA quality assessment consists of three primary stages as following: researching standard set, writing self-assessment report and conducting external assessment. Preparing self-assessment report is very important because strengths and areas for improvement of programme are found. Then, it helps university plan and make policies to push and develop its internal quality assurance system.

Under the workshop, academic and support staff listened to the sharings of Assoc. Prof. Pham Van Tuan – Header of Testing and Higher Quality Assurance Office, Vice Director of The Center of Excellence about self-assessment and external assessment according to AUN-QA assessment at programme level, and the experience in writing a self-assessment report of Dr. Nguyen Le Hoa - Program Chair of Advanced Program in Embedded System and Dr. Nguyen Thi Anh Thu  - Program Chair of Advanced Program in Electronic Communication Engineering – University of Science and Technology. Under the guidance of Assoc.Prof.Dr.Dinh Thanh Viet– Head of UD - Higher Educational Quality Assurance Office, staff are instructed in a specific process of writing a self-assessment report.

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Dinh Thanh Vietdirectly guides on how to write a self-assessment report

Academic and support staff wrote a SAR at the workshop

Write a SAR

Presenting a SAR by a group

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Van Tuan shared his experience in organizing and preparing a SAR

Speaking at the workshopsession, Prof. Dr. Tran Van stressed: "The Board of Directors of UD highly appreciates the workshop, because it shows the active preparation and demonstrates the the determination of the leaders of member universities in quality assurance activity of individual university. The results got in quality assurance are very practical. However, we need to replicate this model to well prepare for the accreditation plan in 2018-2019 that is resisted with AUN”.

Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam made a speech at the workshop

Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dinh Thanh Viet gave certifications to participants

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