The University of Danang and Far Eastern Federal University, Russia, signed cooperation agreement



Morning May 31st, 2012, Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), Russia, paid a working visit to the University of Danang. At the meeting with FEFU’s delegation, there was participation of Assoc. Prof. Tran Van Nam, president of the University of Danang, and representatives from UD’s relevant units, departments such as the directorate board of the College of Engineering, Post-graduate Education, Science-Technology-Environment, International Cooperation, Electrical Engineering, Russian Language, and Chemical Technology. Especially, the presence of the Russian Consul General in Danang, Sir Yuri Materii, made the meeting more solemn.

Being one of the biggest universities in Russia, FEFU is located in Port City - Vladivostok, with 8 affiliated colleges, 11 dormitories, comfortable classrooms and hi-tech laboratories on a large coastal area. That creates favorable conditions for FEFU to focus on the development of advantageous fields to the Region such as shipbuilding, logistics, sea-transportation, maritime works, oil refinery, food processing, bio-technology, nano material-technology, tourism, orientalism and many others.  

FEFU new campus

During the meeting, both sides briefly introduced each other about its institution and discussed possible cooperative aspects. On this occasion, the president of the University of Danang highly appreciated Russian higher education and informed that a lot of UD’s lecturers, who pursued their Master and Ph.D programs in former USSR and Russia, are now playing key roles in UD’s management, teaching and scientific research. He also mentioned the willingness to receive graduates with Master and Ph.D degrees from Russian universities to work in the University of Danang.  

Impressed by UD’s warm reception, FEFU’s delegation expressed their sincere thanks to UD’s president and promised to offer UD’s students and faculty scholarships for undergraduate and Master programs in biomedicine.

After the meeting, both sides signed cooperation agreement and hoped the international cooperation between the two universities will be fruitful in the future.