Webometrics Ranking in July, 2017: The University of Danang raised to Top 10 Vietnamese universities



Webometrics announced the top universities ranking in July 2017, in which The University of Danang (UD) raised to Top 10 Vietnamese Universities and Top 100 Universities in Southeast Asia.

In addition, Hanoi University of Science and Technology occupied the position of Vietnam National University, Hanoi and ranked first in Vietnam and 1.101 in the world. Meanwhile, the University of Danang also ranked ninth in Vietnam and raised to top 100 universities in Southeast Asia.

Top 10 Vietnamese universities according to Webometrics Ranking in July, 2017

The top 10 universities ranking in Vietnam and Southeast Asia are as follows:

1. Hanoi University of Science and Technology (ranked No. 1 in Vietnam, No. 19 in South East Asia)

2. Vietnam National University, Hanoi (2 - 31)

3. Hanoi National University of Education (3 - 53)

4. Can Tho University (4 - 61)

5. Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City (5 - 64)

6. Vietnam Academy of Agriculture Science(6 - 65)

7. University of Mining and Geology (7 - 91)

8. Thai Nguyen University (8 - 95)

9. The University of Danang (9 - 98)

10. Hanoi Medical University (10 - 107)


Webometrics is the largest university ranking in the world, published twice a year (January and July). In July, 2017, Webometrics published the ranking result for universities around the world basing on the four criteria of educational institutions’ website: Presence (5%) - the size of the website or the number of sub-sites corresponding to the key website of each university;  Impact (50%) - the connective level with external educational institutions; Transparency / Openness (10%) - the number of citations of scientific works published on Google Scholar source; Excellence / Scholar (35%) the number of articles published in the Scimago source from 2011-2015.