Maker Innovation Space debuts in Danang



The University of Danang (UD) in collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Arizona State University (ASU) and Fablab (fabrication laboratory) Danang, officially launched a Maker Innovation Space (MIS) located in the campus of UD on August 11.

From the right: Mr. Jeffrey Goss – Vice Rector of Arizona State University, Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam – President of UD, Mr. Craig Hart – Vice Director of USAID Vietnam, Mr. Tran Van Tung – Deputy Minister of Science and Technology and Prof. Dr. Le Kim Hung – Rector of University of Science and Technology - UD were cutting the opening band to launch Maker Innovation Space

The Maker Innovation Space is a component of the USAID Building University-Industry Learning and Development through Innovation and Technology (BUILD-IT) Alliance, a five-year project funded by USAID and implemented by ASU. The BUILD-IT Alliance is designed to help Vietnam to modernize its Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) higher education system. With more than 16 high-tech industry partners, 16 university partners, and the support of the Ministry of Education and Training and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Alliance is strengthening higher education policy, enabling closer university-private sector collaboration, and modernizing Vietnam's academic programs in STEM fields.

USAID BUILD-IT launched its first Maker Innovation Space in Saigon Hi-Tech Park and selected Danang for its second facility based on the city’s reputation for innovation and the strength of its partners here.

Through the opening of MIS across the country, USAID aims to help coming generations of university graduates achieve inclusive, technology-based growth, which fits squarely into Vietnam’s ongoing effort to revolutionize its economy under the Vietnam 2035 strategy.

Maker Innovation Space – Where innovative solutions are discovered

Maker Innovation Spaceenables university students to design, prototype, and manufacture their projects. The Danang Maker Innovation Space will be equipped with 3-D printers, laser cutters, a wood and metal shop, as well as advanced design software available to all student of UD’s members.

Students will be able to use the Maker Innovation Space to translate the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics theory they learn in the classroom into prototypes for technological solutions for real-world problems. It is not only an educational facility, but also a solutions and inventions laboratory

The delegates visited the Maker Innovation Space at UD

“The space is the most advanced innovation centre out of all Vietnamese universities and colleges, and we are proud to be the second city in Vietnam developing such a space after HCM City” said Prof. Tran Van Nam, president of UD.

“Technology is changing everything we know...countries and people that embrace innovation are in the driver’s seat. Innovators get to shape these changes. I know this Maker Space will quickly become a place of collaboration, ideas, and experimentation. What I also expect, though, is that Vietnamese inventors and technology leaders of the future will come out of the Maker Movement” said USAID Vietnam’s Vice Director Craig Hart at the launch event. 

He further said that USAID has chosen Danang to open the second one because of its dynamism that has chosen innovation for development and this is also a contribution to innovating startup movement of Danang. In addition, with the strength of UD and University of Science and Technology, UD in innovative research, USAID appreciates the considerable investment in effort, brainpower and resources that both partners have reserved for the space. 

Mr. Craig Hart – Vice Director of USAID Vietnam

The University of Danang pioneered the implementation of innovative programs

At the opening ceremony, Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam - Director of DHDN, added that UD will continue to develop 04 innovative programs this year, including: "EPICS (Engineering Projects in Community Services)”, "iProjects - research and development project (R & D) between industry and university with practical application," "GES (Global, English & Specialty) for faculty, and "MEP (Maker to Entrepreneur)"

Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam – President of UD

Innovative technology products attracted the attention of female students

Reportedly, the launching of the MIS was part of progressive efforts made by UD, USAID, ASU and Fablab Danang since 2015.

Maker Innovation Space at UD

The BUILD-IT project was started in late 2015 and was officially launched during the US President Barack Obama's visit to Vietnam in May 2016.