The first International Institute of Technology debuts in Danang



The Danang International Institute of Technology (DNIIT) - a research and training unit under the University of Da Nang (UD) has officially launched and put into operation since August 25th, 2017.

From the left: Mr. Claude Emmanuel Leroy – Principal Project Manager for Asia-Pacific region, AUF, Prof.Dr. Tran Van Nam – President of UD and Assoc.Prof. Franck Sosthé – Director of Ulysee Institute of Tourism, University of Nice Sophia were cutting ribbon to launch DNIIT

Space for scientific and technological  exchanges

In terms of organizational structure, DNIIT come into operation with 3 main components: MIRE Center (Maison de l'Invention et de la Recherche), Nice CAMPUS, and  CNFp (Campus Numérique Francophone partenaire)

Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam – President of UD said that MIRE Center focuses on developing collaborative research through joint research groups between UD and UNS as well as developing training cooperation via the exchange of faculty and students at all levels from undergraduate to post graduate and PhD. This is also considered as a base for innovative research cooperation, scientific information exchanges and technology transfer.

The main research topics of MIRE in particular and DNIIT in general focus on IoT (Internet of Things) and related applications. "IoT is one of the platforms to develop the 4.0 industrial revolution. Therefore, our research cooperation is in line with the development trend of the world and in accordance with available scientific potential of the two universities "- emphasizedProf. Dr. Tran Van Nam 

Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam delivered speech at the ceremony

As a member of the AUF since 1995, UD has co-operated with AUF on a number of cooperative projects, including French language training (undergraduate), doctoral training, CAI-CNF project since 1998 and now the CNFp. Located in the network of new generation centers, the CNFp is not only a place for research, innovation and education, but also a home for economic and industrial units, with the aim of developing multilateral projects.

"CNFp is also a new model of AUF to support the development of research and international collaboration among Francophone universities. Therefore, the simultaneous launch of the MIRE, CNFp and DNIIT is extremely necessary and a prerequisite for us to move into the new era of the  Industry 4.0. "- shared Prof.Dr Tran Van Nam.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Assoc. Prof. Franck Sosthé, Director of the Ulysee Institute of Tourism, UNS, emphasized that the launch of DNIIT today was the result of the great determination of French and Vietnamese actors, aiming to bring two universities to common interest and form an internationally recognized force.

Delegates visited office of DNIIT

According to Claude Emmanuel Leroy, Principal Project Manager for the Asia-Pacific Region, AUF, DNIIT serves as a space for meeting, exchange of science and technology and support for ideas of research, training and innovation towards priority areas such as public health, or the risks of the environment.

Prof. Tran Van Nam handed over the Decision on appointing Deputy Director of DNIIT to Dr. Nguyen Thi Anh Thu (left) and Dr. Nguyen Thi Thanh Xuan (right)

With nearly 30 years membership in AUF and nearly 20 years of cooperation with UNS, UD has developed strongly and sustainably over the years.

Mr. Claude Emmanuel LEROY said: "The birth of the DNIIT gears towards the local socio-economic development and the synergy between universities, enabling university partners and socio-economic actors to recognize the challenges posed by the ever-growing development.  These are the challenges of social and cultural development in the urbanization, judicial and economic development of the ASEAN economic community”.

Mr. Claude Emmanuel LEROY

On this occasion, an MOU among the DNIIT-UD, University of Science and Technology-UD and Université Côte d'Azur was signed with a view to establishing a cooperative relationship to open a "Smart Campus" campaign to implement innovative research activities to develop automated services for University of Science and Technology-UD based on new technologies for Connected Objects and Artificial Intelligence.

It is known that to support the "Smart Campus" campaign, DNIIT donated 01 Lora antenna to University of Science and Technology-UD. The two sides will jointly organize workshops on the use of the Lora network in the "Connected Objects" applications, as well as organize collaborative research activities between lecturers, students and teachers in the TRT group IOTIA.

Representatives of UD and Université Côte d’Azur signed the MOU