The University of Danang is ranked 4th in the top 10 universities in Vietnam



Ranking is a way to quantitatively assess universities in order to have better reference information for students, society and the universities themselves. In the photo: Biotech students of the Academy of Agriculture

In the afternoon of September 6th, a group of independent experts announced the ranking of Vietnamese higher educational institutions in the academic year 2016-2017. Based on the data collected, 49 universities out of 100 universities collected are ranked yielding unexpected results.

The results show that both national and regional universities are ranked high. Three of the top five universities are national and regional universities in the nation's economic and political hub, including Vietnam National University, Hanoi (1st), the University of Danang (4th) and Vietnam National University, HCMC (5th). Among the top 10 universities, there are also other big universities such as Vietnam National University of Agriculture (No.5), Can Tho University (6th), Hanoi University of Technology (7th), and Hanoi University Hanoi of Education (10th).

Surprisingly, some of the younger, lesser-known universities ranked high in the table, including Ton DucThang University (2nd) and Duy Tan University (9th).

In general, large-scale and long-established universities are in a high position. However, younger universities are striving to be stronger by increasing their presence in scientific publications. Competitive pressures will make universities less likely to rely on "traditional" hues, but need to invest in-depth research and quality education.

Dr. LưuQuangHưng published the first report on university ranking in Vietnam - Photo: ThùyLinh

The ranking principle applied by the expert group is in line with Vietnamese context, quantitative, credible, objective and towards international standards. Of these, the three criteria are scientific research (40%), education and training (40%), facilities and management (20%).

This is the first time a Vietnamese university ranking has been created and published by an independent expert panel. The Vietnamese University Ranking and Detailed Report will be posted on the website: