The second meeting of the Council for Educational Quality Assurance, the Center for Educational Accreditation - the University of Da Nang



The Council for Quality Accreditation - the Center for Educational Quality Assurance - UD (CEQA) held the 2nd meeting on September 10, 2017, to evaluate the results from the assessment on educational quality for three educational institutions that were externally evaluated by the CEQA-UD.

At the meeting, the President emphasized the need for  group consensus, the methodology for discussing of the results, and how conclusions must be based solely on the evidence found in the process, principles, methods, and content of the educational quality assessment of higher education institutions.

Assoc.Prof. Doan Quang Vinh gave a speech at the meeting

The Council for Educational Quality Accreditation reviewed the quality of education for three educational institutions (Quy Nhon University, Pham Van Dong University and HCMC College of Economics). Evaluation of the results from the educational quality assessment for each institution was carried out in the following steps: the institution leader summarized the results of the self-evaluation; representatives of the external evaluation panel gave a summary report on the process, the synthesis of external evaluation results, and the monitoring reports of the Center; and the CEQA discussed issues and made recommendations on how to overcome the shortcomings and to continue improving the quality of education.


The Council for Quality Accreditation– The University of Danang

After discussing, the Council took a secret ballot to pass the resolution on the evaluation of the results of the assessment of the educational quality for the three educational institutions.