The conference on development of the Capacity Building Project for staff and lecturers



On September 07, 2017, the Conference on the development of Capacity Building Project for staff and lecturers was organized by Department of Teachers and Education Managers, Ministry of Education and Training at the University of Da Nang (UD)  to provide the basis for planning the tasks and solutions of the project.

Overview of the meeting

The conference was led by Dr. Nguyen Hai Thap – Director of Department of Teachers and Educational Managers and Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam - President of UD.  Attendees at the conference were leaders’ representatives of UD’s members and functional departments.

Speaking at the opening session, Dr. Nguyen Hai Thap presented a number of significances of the project building, in which he especially emphasized the improvement of qualifications of lecturers at undergraduate level, which partly due to the Vietnamese education has not been appropriately evaluated.

Dr. Nguyen Hai Thap – Director of  Department of Teachers and Educational Managers

According to data reported at the year-end conference 2016-2017held by Ministry of Education and Training in early August, the country has a total of 235 universities and institutes (including 170 public universities, 60 private universities, 05 universities with 100% foreign capital), 37 scientific research institutes with PhD training, 33 pedagogic colleges and 02 pedagogic intermediate colleges.

The total number of lecturers in universities is 72,792, of which, 16,514 lecturers holding PhD degree, 43,065 lecturers holding master degree and 12,507 lecturers holding undergraduate degree.

As of the 2016-2017 academic year, 491 teaching research teams (TRT) were established in the country, of which 36 teams of UD.

Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam – President of UD

On behalf of UD’s leadership, Dr. Doan Gia Dung – Director of Personnel Department  suggested some solutions to improve the capacity of faculty members and administrators, emphasizing the facilitation of faculties to access to many sources of doctoral and short-term scholarships abroad, especially in developed countries; At the same time, the development and award of scholarships under flexible doctoral programs will help faculty members have better learning conditions in order to improve the professional capacity and training level.

Dr. Doan Gia Dung reported

In terms of developing training programs, UD proposed to open training courses for the development of curriculum under AUN-QA standards and CDIO design.

On the basis of the project drafting, the conference listened and received a lot of comments, contributing to complete the comprehensive plan.

Delegates speaking at the conference