The University of Danang fostered the cooperation relationship with Japanese enterprises



Cooperation with Zuken Company: More opportunities for students in the fields of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering, and Information Technology to do internships.

In end of September2017, Mr. RyojiSetoyama - General Director of Unitec Vietnam, Mr. Isao Nara - General Director of Zuken Company, Japan and Mr. Tomohisa Kakehi - General Director of Zuken Company in Singapore visited and worked with Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam –President of the University of Danang (UD) and senior representatives of relevant functional departments.

At the meeting, Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam shared successful and outstanding results of UD in all activities in general and international cooperation activities in particular, especially in cooperation with enterprises.

It is known that Zuken is a Japanese multinational corporation specializing in software and consulting services in electrical and electronics and telecommunication engineering. Zuken is known as the pioneer in the development of CAD systems in Japan to contribute to electronic and telecommunication manufacturing. The company mainly operates in the electronics industry including home digital appliances; mobile communication devices; transport equipment such as cars, special vehicles and railways; and industrial equipmentand construction machinery.

Zuken was established in 1976 and the headquarters are located in Japan. Zuken also has 10 representative offices in several developed countries around the world, including the United States, Germany, France, China, Singapore and so on.

In the meeting, there were several proposals suggested such as:

- Exchange and share experiences in examining and using software of Zuken in teaching and doing research;

- Conduct co-research;

- Create more opportunities for students of University of Science and Technology, UD (DUT-UD) in general and students of Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications, DUT-UD in particular to do internships at Zuken;

Finally, the leader of Zuken Company proposed to support UD in using its software in teaching so that students couldget familiar with this software to work in Japanese enterprisesimmediately after graduation.

Cooperate with Mitsubishi Motors to deploy the Electric Cars test drive project

In the beginning of October2017, leaders of Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan and Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam visited and worked with UD. In the working session, Mitsubishi's leaders proposed and expressed their desire to cooperate with UD in carrying out the pilot project of electric cars in Danang and Hoi An.


Experts of Mitsubishi Motors introduced about the Electric Car test drive project(left image); The two sides took a photo together (right image)


In addition, representatives of Mitsubishi also shared its plan model, "green tourism," which is suitable for the tourism development strategy of Danang city—in which electric cars are the main means of transportation to reduce the emission of pollutants.

With this plan, the staff of UD in general and DUT-UD in particular will cooperate with Mitsubishi engineers and experts in researching, collecting and analyzing traffic data to build up the simulation model of CO2 emission reduction when using electric cars as well as investigate and design the suitable charging stations in the city.

At the end of the meeting, Assoc. Prof. Doan QuangVinh, Vice President of UD emphasized that UD will create the most favorable conditions and cooperate with Mitsubishi to effectively implement the project to turn Dananginto a green city.