The University of Danang is always the first destination of Lao students



In the academic year 2017-2018, 153 Lao students (LS) have enrolled at the University of Danang (UD). As a result, there are more than 600 LS currently studying at UD’s affiliated members. This is equivalent to the number of Lao students studying in China.

The information was shared by Prof. Dr. Khamluesa Nuanvanh- Director of Student Affairs Department (DSA), Ministry of Education and Sports (MOES), Lao People's Democratic Republic (LPDR) on the mission to UD on October 09, 2017. The meeting was attended by Dr. Vongphachanh Vilayhom - Deputy Director; Mr. Intha Vongphachanh - Consul and Mr. Lonphanh Phaodavanh – the 3rd Secretary, Lao Consulate General in Danang city, together with representatives of UD’s representative leaders.

President of UD and Director of Student Affairs Department at the meeting

Sharing with Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam, Director of DSA revealed that the purpose of this working visit was to get to know the situation of Lao students studying in Danang in particular and Vietnam in general, also as in other countries. Through this information, the delegation collected and analyzed data of Lao students in various countries, as a basis for reporting to MOES and building the website of the Lao Student Services Center. This will be a focal point for providing information on training disciplines and scholarships for Lao students. On this occasion, the delegation also wants to listen to the suggestions of UD’s leaders to further develop cooperation between the two sides.

"In Laos, Vietnamese language is one of the four major foreign languages taught to Lao students. Prior to this trip, we also received feedback from overseas students studying here that UD has a diversified, quality and growing training program, which is really one of the top choices of Lao students" - stressed Prof. Khamluesa Nuanvanh.

"In recent years, the cooperation between Lao and UD in general as well as its member institutions in particular is a great success. We are honored to be one of the key universities in receiving Lao students to study. Thanks to the expanding international cooperation, the number of international students at UD is increasing. We have Vietnamese Language Faculty in charge of Vietnamese language training for students from China, Korea and Laos "-said Prof. Tran Van Nam.

Dormitory for Lao students at University of Economics - UD is expected to be completed and put into operation in early 2018.

It is known that in the two European – funded projects Hub4Growth and HR4Asia, UD plays as the main coordinator; one of the 12 project members is the National University of Laos. "Through these two projects, we have established and built relationships with the National University of Laos. Currently, UD, National University of Laos and Danang International Institute of Technology – DNIIT (member of UD) are promoting the signing of cooperation in postgraduate training in Information Technology."- shared Prof. Tran Van Nam.

New directions for cooperation were suggested by Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam thatthe two sides can cooperate in joint research to increase the rate of publication in different fields, especially in field of high technology. In addition, the two sides can coordinate to ask for investment projects from other countries, especially Japan.

"Through some meetings with Japanese partners, we have proposed to our partners for cooperation with the National University of Laos with the belief that the linkage between universities in the same region will create more favorable conditions for us to receive more opportunities for cooperation and investment from developed countries, " - said the president of UD.

From the right: Dr. Vongphachanh Vilayhom–Deputy Director; Mr.Intha Vongphachanh – Consul and Mr. Lonphanh Phaodavanh – the 3rd Secretary, Lao Consulate General in Danang city; MSc. Tran Quoc Hung – Head of Student Affairs of University of Economics

The president of UD also added that AUN-QA accreditation is the target of UD's member institutions. The UD has also planned to develop scholarship policies for Lao students. Along with the Lao students studying in Danang, Prof. Tran Van Nam proposed to send students in Da Nang to Laos to study, and open the Lao language center at UD due to trade activities between Laos and Vietnam have been developing in recent years.

During the trip, the delegation met Lao students at UD. In the photo, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Vu - Vice President of UD (in the right photo) gave a speech and pledged to support and create favorable conditions for Lao students to study at UD.

Lao student confidently performed traditional costumes in the 4th Economic Student Beauty Contest IV

During the meeting, the Director desired to develop the relations between the two countries in general and between UD and Lao Consulate General in Danang city in particular, in order to better coordinate the management of Lao students. Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam also wished to continuously receive the concern and promotion of the Director and the Ministry of Education and Sports in the cooperation between the two sides.