My experience as an APEC volunteer!



In order for APEC to run smoothly, a lot of hard work and dedication was required from all the workers and volunteers, from people all around Danang for the lead up to and during the eventful few days. Many of our students were involved with assisting different tasks during APEC such as working as English guides, forming agreements and invoices for delegations, and arranging transport for them as well. Despite the pressure of performing well, our students have said that the whole experience was very exciting and rewarding!

Keep reading to find out more about Thu Mai’s experience in working at APEC!

“Kim Anh and I had started working for Đức Phú Nominated Vehicle Agency for APEC around 15 days before the actual APEC week, Le Quynh, Phuong Mai and Khanh Ngoc around 10 days before. During that time, we received emails from companies and delegations (mostly from ABAC-CEO Summit) for car bookings and dealing with other processes such as forming the agreements, invoices, and the payments too. Things were not as easy as they seemed, and actually we were under a lot of stress, because sometimes there were last minute changes that we had to deal with,  and not to mention the different time zones and rush hours too. This made us gain so many skills: communication, negotiation, soft-skills in paperwork, problem-solving, multi-tasking, time-management, etc. Despite the difficulties, it was such wonderful time that we could never forget.

Another task that we were involved in was working as English guides for certain delegations; we would simply “escort” our delegates and be ready to interpret, arrange vehicles for them, and make sure everything was under control. This gave us an opportunity to practice absolute patience and to be professional and kind under every circumstance.

Before doing this “real” work, we just joined in some national events under the title of “volunteer”, but this time we were involved in one with the different positions. We learned so many lessons and gained lots of experience that working as “volunteer” could never bring us.”

Mr. Roystan Chan – Producer of AP (Associated Press) – China Global Television Network, with volunteers from VN-UK Institute for Research and Executive Education (Thu Mai, Le Thi Nhu Quynh, Phuong Mai, Kim Anh, and Khanh Ngoc