Meeting with Liverpool John Moores University



On 29th November, Mr. Steve Waterworth, Head of International Partnerships from Liverpool John Moores University paid a visit to VNUK, alongside Ms. Ngoc Anh, representative from the British Business Group Vietnam (BBGV).

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the potential partnership between Liverpool John Moores University and VNUK, in terms of transfer programmes, research collaborations, and the creation of new programmes as well at VNUK.

Mr. Waterworth shared the ambition of Liverpool John Moores University for all of their undergraduate level students to have some experience in an international environment. At the moment, they have 3000 students studying in programmes overseas in places including Malaysia, Africa and America and are now looking to explore the opportunities in Vietnam.

During the meeting, Mr. Waterworth and Dr. Long both shared brief overviews of the background and current activities of each university, and expressed what they would like to offer and what they are looking for in a partnership. One of the main points of the discussion was about creating a hospitality course, since Danang is growing very rapidly in the hospitality sector, with the number of 5* hotels and resorts throughout the city. The most effective way to implement this would be to collaborate with Liverpool John Moores University, and using their already established curricula for students at VNUK. Delivering this hospitality course would be our top priority in collaboration. 

Mr. Waterworth also shared the fact that students in the UK are generally reluctant to commit to going overseas for a placement or study for a whole academic year, but would rather experience a few months abroad for these opportunities instead. Therefore, Mr. Waterworth suggested a summer programme that students from Liverpool John Moores University could attend, where they could learn about the language, culture, and also gain some industry exposure.

We were very pleased with the outcome of the meeting, as both parties were excited about the opportunities that can arise from this partnership. We are looking forward to discussing further with Mr. Waterworth the details of an MoU that we will be setting up very shortly!

Dr. Long Dang, Ms. Ho Ngoc Anh (BBGV), Mr. Steve Waterworth, Dr. Huong Nguyen, Ms. Thu Hoang, Ms. Thao Mai