British Culture Festival, step by step, brings Danang youth closer to the global labor market



On January 29, 2018, VNUK Institute for Research and Executive Education, the University of Danang (VNUK-UD) organized the 2nd British Cultural Festival. The event attracted a lot of students as well as people in Danang.

Exhibition and showcasing space


In the British Culture Festival 2018, Dr. Dang Duc Long, Head of Department of Biomedical Sciences, VNUK, shared that in the digital age with the explosion of information technology, namely artificial intelligence, the youth need to equip themselves with skills such as creative thinking in solving problems to be able to create a foothold in the global labor market. In particular, understanding socio-economic characteristics, especially the different cultures of nations, is fundamental for youth to bridge understanding between culturess from other countries in the world, and hence will easily help them enter the global labor market. That is the reason VNUK holds this annual event.

Dr. Dang Duc Long


Based on the "English Culture and Education" module, the festival was organized with several activities such as British food booths, English literature booths, game booths... together with dances, songs, and dramas, which included the revered tradition of the greatest English writer William Shakespeare, helped students and youth to experience the unique culture of the United Kingdom. 

Culinary booths with pastries simulated a tea-break - the cultural characteristic of the British people


With the support of the British Council, the festival was organized to target the local community in Danang, thereby raising the awareness ofDanang people about the British culture as well as the importance of the English language.

It is known that VNUK –UD is the first international public higher education institution in the Central area of Vietnam to have training programs in accordance with British standards. At VNUK-UD, students are expected to study programs following the model of Aston University - the strategic partner of VNUK to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills of a global citizen. 

Game booths