Foster the cooperation relationship in Engineering with University of Technology Sydney


As one of the three key regional universities of Vietnam, the University of Danang (UD) aims to become a research-oriented university by 2020. In addition, UD always attaches special importance into international cooperation activities to establish new relationships for developing and promoting collaborative programs in undergraduate and postgraduate education.

 In January 2018, UD welcomed and worked with Prof. Eryk Dutkiewicz – Head of School of Computing and Communications, University of Technology Sydney, Australia (UTS). Attending the meeting were representatives of International Cooperation Department, UD and lecturers of Information Technology Faculty of University of Science and Technology and of VN-UK Institute for Research and Executive Education.

Brief Introduction of UTS


It is known that UD and UTS have signed a MoU in March 2017. Therefore, this meeting aimed to promote the contents signed between the two parties. Especially, Prof. Eryk Dutkiewicz would like to promote the Dual Program Ph.D inengineering, technology (computer, electronics ...)between UD and UTSunder the framework of the signed cooperation agreement. According to this MoU, UTS will exempt all tuition fees for UDdoctoral students as well as provide living allowances for outstanding applicants.

In addition, the meeting also brought an opportunity to discuss the possibility of cooperation inhigher education and postgraduate training programs in electronics and telecommunications, computers, software, network security, and data processing.

Took photos together


In addition, a senior representative of the International Cooperation Department, UD also suggested and proposed UTS to support volunteers participating inthe lecturers exchange program between the two sides. Volunteers will provide support in teaching Information Technology courses at UD.

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