From University of Economics – The University of Danang (DUE) to Nice Sophia Antipolis (Season 1): Impressions of the Mediterranean coastal city



"Not as magnificent as the capital city of Paris, nor as busy as Marseille, Nice brings gentle and ancient beauty on the Mediterranean coast. It is a beautiful coastal city like Da Nang City so it has brought a feeling of closeness and friendliness" said student Nguyen Quang Hung (Banking – Finance major of DUE) while studying at Nice Sophia Antipolis University - UNS (France). Hung is one of the DUE’s students to study in France under the European Union-funded Erasmus Project.

Hung said that he only had 10 days to prepare everything such as a visa, airline tickets, luggage arrangements ... so before leaving he had no time to learn about Nice. "Therefore, the beauty of Nice has really impressed me," shared Nguyen Quang Hung.

The initial difficulties arose when Hung had to find his own way, means of transport and day-to-day living activities"But fortunately, the local people are extremely friendly and enthusiastic to support in many situations, even though they do not speak English. UNS also provided me with a spacious, comfortable dormitory, just a 2minute walk from the campus. The support of the local people and the University have helped me to be more confident and at the same time, helped fade away the psychological barrier of being an Asian student in the distant France." said Hung excitedly.

UNS is quite large with many campuses. Hung is currently studying in IAE and ISEM areas near the dorm. In addition, the University also has an administrative campus, which features  an ancient mansion on a hill in the center of the city, and another study and research center about 30 km from the center that Hung has yet to visit. Since Hung lives in the international area, he is in contact with many friends from all over the world such as from Italy, Finland, Kosovar, Myanmar, Russia, USA, Germany, and etc. This will be an opportunity for Hung to learn about each culture and to introduce the country and people of Vietnam to international friends.

Some of nice pics of Nice city and UNS

Nguyen Quang Hung is one of the three students to currently study in France under the scholarship exchange program between the University of Danang and Nice Sophia Antipolis University in the framework of the Erasmus + project. Through the feelings and experiences of the students, France will work closer with students of the University of Economics and also help students better understand life abroad as well as the study environment abroad.