Foster the cooperation relationship with U.S.Universities



As one of the three key regional universities of Vietnam, the University of Danang (UD) aims to become a research-oriented university by 2020. In addition, UD always attaches a special importance to international cooperation activities to establish and improve the cooperative relationship with different universities in the region and around the world.

Establish a cooperation relationshipwith University of Nebraska

On the morning of March 19, 2018, Dr. Steven T. Duke - Assistant Vice President for Global Strategy and International Initiatives, University of Nebraska, USA (UN)visited and worked with UD. At the meeting, MA. Ho Ngoc Ngoc - Vice Director, International Cooperation Department, UD brieflyintroduced UDas well as UD’s outstanding achievements.

Meeting with Dr. Steven T. Duke

Dr. Steven T. Duke sharedthat the strengths of UN are Agriculture, Food, Nutrition, Biochemistry, Natural Sciences, Medicine, Languages, Computer Science, Economy, etc. With the advantage of multidisciplinary trainings, this meeting would bethe basis for both sides to seek a cooperation agreement.

As Assistant Vice President for Global Strategy and International Initiatives,Dr. Steven presented his desires to develop acooperation relationshipwith many partners around the world. Besides, Dr. Steven also said that cooperating to deploy online courses or online MBA programs wasalso the current development orientation of UN. However, UN still gives priority to train majors relating to Agriculture.

Group photo

At the meeting, MA. Ho Ngoc Ngoc sharedthat UDis now a member of Connecting the Mekong through Education and Training project of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID COMET). This wouldbe the basis for UN and UD to  jointly search and coordinate to deploy many projects funded by the United States.Joint research, lecturerexchange, studentmobility, jointtraining programs, and etc. werethe cooperation contentsthat MA. Ho Lu Ngoc proposed to TS. Steven.

 At the meeting, Dr. Dao Ngoc The Luc, Head of Science and International Cooperation Office of University of Science and Technology, UD (DUT) alsosaid that DUT had cooperated with Washington University and Portland University, USA to deploythe advanced programs:Electronics and Telecommunicationand Embedded Systems;therefore, Dr. Dao Ngoc The Luchoped to coordinate with UN to establish mobility programs as well 2 + 2programs, 3 + 1 programsor joint masterprograms.

Strengthen the partnership with University of Illinois, Springfield

In the same day, Ms.Anna Bradford, International Admissions Counselor , University of Illinois, Springfield (UIS) also paid a courtesy visit and worked with UD.

Meeting withMs. Anna Bradford

Ms. Anna Bradford shared that UIS has a training scale of about 5,000 students, in which 20% are international students. Currently there are 10 Vietnamese students. It is known that UD and UIS have established the cooperation relationship since 2015. Accordingly, every year, representatives of functional departments from UISvisit and work with UD to discuss and expand several joint programs.

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At the meeting, MA. Ho Ngoc Ngoc introduced the results of UD’s international cooperation in recent years, especially relations with U.S. partners.

At the end of the meeting, the two sides hoped that through the long lasting relationship between UD and UIS, UD could deploy more practical cooperation programs.