The meeting between Honorary Professor Le Trong Phi, honorary doctor erich lejeune (Federal Republic of Germany) and leaders of School of Medicine and Pharmacy



On April 12th, 2018, Schoolof Medicine and Pharmacy, the University of Danang (SMP-UD)was honored to welcome the Honorary Professor Le Trong Phi and the "Microchip" Honorary Doctor Erich Lejeune. The meeting was held at the upcoming official establishment of SMP-UDat UniversityUrbanin Hoa Quy, Ngu Hanh Son. Assoc. Prof.Nguyen Dang Quoc Chan - Dean of SMP-UD, Dr. Phan The Phuoc Long - Vice Dean of SMP-UD, Dr. Ho Xuan Tuan - Head of International Cooperation Office, and Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Ba - Director of Clinical Training Centerwelcomed and worked with them.

At the meeting, SMP-UD expressed their deep gratitude to Honorary ProfessorPhi and Honorary DoctorLejeune for spending their time visiting SMP-UDas well as all the contributions they have done for SMP-UD in the past and upcoming time.Moreover, Honorary Doctor Lejeune and SMP-UDagreed to establish the “Motivation and Medicine”Subject and the Center for Motivational Medicine Communication (MMC) in the upcoming time. Honorary Doctor Lejeune sharedthat along with his solid expertise in dynamics, his extensive experience and influence in the German business and media circles, as well as his strong connection with Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, he couldtake this important role, thereby helping UDin general and SMP-UDin particular promote their image in the international area. He also said that during his two-week visit to Vietnam, he hoped to have the opportunity to connect professors and doctors of LMU to work directly with leaders of SMP-UD and leaders of ministries in order to help SMP-UDconnect with major German corporations.

In terms of the importance of this new subject, Honorary DoctorLejeune has mentioned some extremely convincing evidence with regard to the importance of motivation in Health. For example, before a surgery or medical treatment for a chronic disease, patients should be warmly encouraged to overcome the obstacles. There are also some situations in which patients are cured right after being consulted by doctors without any medical treatments but the fire of motivation. These cases have been proven in Munich – one of the leading cities in health - in which he lives now.

With the enthusiasm of Honorary DoctorLejeune, leaders of SMP-UDdecided to invite him and Honorary ProfessorPhi to be consultants for this new potential kind of subject. Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Dang Quoc Chanasserted that SMP-UDwould be always willing to absorb all of the energy that Honorary Doctor Lejeune brought about and would always appreciate his support, especially when the workforce is still young and inexperienced. In the meeting, the representative office of H4H Organization as well as MMC Center were unanimously placed at the new block of SMP-UD.


With a strong belief in German will and professionalism, and also in a relationship built on honesty and modesty, the meeting that took place on April 12, 2018 is considered to contribute to the promising co-operation between the two parties.

Erich J.Lejeune was born in 1944 and he is one of the most active and creative people in German business. He holds a strong belief that his success is not totally a coincidence. The path from an ill-trained learner to one of the most successful businessman in electrical fields is based on his strict obedience of clear rules which he thinks that anybody can follow and then change their own lives.

His life and his success are testaments that determination, courage and positive thinking can turn the most bitter failure into satisfactory and long-term success.

In 1976, he founded his own company called GERMAN ELECTRONIC GmbH in Munich. His idea, which is about applying agent system into IC business, has been widely recognized and taken advantage all over the world. Nowadays, with the management of Erich Lejune, CONSUMER ELECTRONIC AG is among the most successful agencies in the world. During the last four decades, Erich J. Lejeune has been a common partner of many senior managers, an adviser for the leading politicians as well as a speaker for best-seller books.


Dr. Med. Le Trong Phi, who is among the most talented people and one who has helped proudly represent Vietnam in foreign countries, is now the Vice Manager of the Institute of Congenital Heart Diseases of the Hamburg University located in Germany. Since the beginning of the 21st century, this overseas – Vietnamese doctor has been familiar with those working for Vietnamese Medicine as he is always a guest of honor and a professional adviser at seminars on cardiology held in the country. In addition, he himself took part in cardiac surgeries in several hospitals and he always makes an effort to bring the most advanced technologies of treating heart diseases to Vietnam. He has helped call for financial support from foreign countries when it comes to national charitable projects. It was a big contribution that Dr.Med.Phi successfully persuaded Mr. and Mrs. Lejeune, who are the founders of the Heart for Heart Foundation for Life to establish and develop a long-term project which was aimed to turn the Danang Hospital into a highly technological heart institute and to bring more chances for poor children whose heart diseases would be cured for free. Thanks to the thoroughness of Dr.Med.Phi as well as the kindness of Mr. and Mrs Lejeune, more than 4000 children with heart diseases have been saved for the last two decades.