The volleyball match between students of the University of Danang and the Indian Navy members



In the morning of May 23, 2018, the volleyball match between lecturers and students of the University of Danang (UD) and Indian Navy crew was taken place at Sport Center – UD under the framework of the courtesy visit of Indian Navy to Danang.

Indian Navy team (left image) and UD team (right image)

At the exchange meeting, Assoc. Prof. Ngo Van Duong, Vice President of UD shared that “This is the first time the Indian Navy crew visit and join in the exchange match with UD’s lecturers and students. In the morning of May 22, UD’s students also had the opportunity to visit Indian Navy ships. Through these activities, I do hope that the cooperation friendship between Vietnam and India will be developed more sustainably”. 

Assoc. Prof. Ngo Van Duong delivered the opening remark

Attending the exchange match, Lieutenat Commander Ukash Sharma, Captain of Indian Navy crew expressed his pleasure to join the volleyball competition with UD’s lecturers and students. He also hoped that the friendly match would contribute greatly to the establishment and development of the relationship between Vietnam and India. 

On behalf of UD, Assoc.Prof. Ngo Van Duong gave flowers and present to  Lieutenat Commander Ukash Sharma as well as received present from Lieutenat Commander Ukash Sharma





Group photo