Quality Assurance Activity

The training course on “The establishment of curriculum, detailed syllabus, assessment and evaluation method according to the outcome standards”


Towards the 55th anniversary of the establishment of University of Education and Technology (UET), on November 02nd, 2017, Educational Quality Testing and Assurance Office, Inspection and Legislation Office, UETin coordination with Quality Assurance Department, the University of Danang (UD) organized the training courses on “The establishment ofcurriculum, detailed syllabus, assessmentand evaluation method according to the outcome standardsforUET’s lecturers”.

Assoc. Prof. DinhThanh Viet chaired the training course

More than 50 lecturers from UET and young lecturers from Faculty of Technology, UD attended the training course. This was asignificant activity to foster knowledge and skills related to the development of curricula, syllabus, and assessment method for lecturers.

With active support from Quality Assurance Department - UD and Assoc. Prof. DinhThanh Viet –Director of Quality Assurance Department, Vice Director of Center for Education Accreditation, the contents were communicated to UET’s staffs and lecturers. Training content was based on Circular No. 12/2017 / TT-BGDDT and AUN accreditation standards, which helpedlecturers understand the necessary steps to develop the training program, outcome standards requirements, the syllabus, teaching methodology and module assessment.

Team work

With the basic contents, participants were divided into small groups to jointly review the training programs of faculties with the goals to train students to meet the requirements of the industrial revolution 4.0 and the development of UET in the upcoming time.



Discussion session

In the opening atmosphere, lecturers actively discussed in groups to practise the required content as well as shared results and comments with the other groups.

Throughout the training course, alllecturers with their active spirit showed their great interest to quality assurance mission of UET. Many proposals had been sent to the organizationboard regarding the development of training courses on quality assurance and active teaching methods.

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