VNUK students proudly commit to social responsibility



Da Nang is a city that is bustling but is not too noisy, idyllic, and a place where people can’t help but fall in love with the friendliness and ingenuity of the local people. A great contribution of the energy of Da Nang is made up from the young people who have the desire to present the beauty of Da Nang through artwork, to create a very beautiful and unique Da Nang. Two girls, with the same ambition, Nguyen Ngoc Thien Hieu and Huynh Khanh Linh, who are third year students at VNUK have created the “Da Nang Tui” exhibition to encapsulate all of the beauty that Da Nang holds.

The idea of “Da Nang Tui” first crossed the mind of Hieu when she thought about her love of the coastal city of Da Nang. She was familiar with the existing exhibitions in Saigon and Hanoi, where young people were so dynamic and confident when introducing the beauty of their city to everyone. That’s when Hieu asked herself the question; “Why doesn’t Da Nang have a similar event?”. From that moment, an idea was born, and Hieu took the opportunity herself to start “Da Nang Tui”, with the support of her best friend, Linh.

Despite what people may think, the journey to complete the exhibition was not simple. Hieu shared that she did face difficulties at the beginning, one being that when she was pitching her idea of “Da Nang Tui” to about 20 people, nobody took any interest in the idea, apart from one person, who decided to trust this idea and to support the cause. Throughout the seven months of operation, the girls faced many difficulties along the way, with meeting and networking with people, and then to finally implement the idea. However, they still kept the faith and became stronger because of these challenges that they had to overcome.

“Da Nang Tui” tells an honest story based on 5 topics, which all represent different aspects:

– Mountain: origin, creativity.

– Bridge: human, hold hands to connect the shore.

– Street: the rise, development, change.

– River: life ups and downs, livelihoods and striving of the people of Da Nang.

– The sea: integration with the world.

“Da Nang Tui” does not only refer to the artistry that is featured in each art work in the painting, cutting paper or photography. Visitors of the exhibition were surprised by the application of modern technologies to art works such as the multi-dimensional space of pop-up books and picture boxes, digital painting, the images of the bridges over 3D AR Art, 3D Mapping Room or plaster miniature models of old famous places in Da Nang.

From this creation of this exhibition, we can see that young people like Hieu, Linh and her teammates have nothing but youth, faith and a strong love for the city where they were born. Congratulations to Hieu and Linh on taking on this venture and reaching success and thank you for inspiring other young people that you can achieve their goals as long as you work hard and are determined!