VNUK, UD visited and worked with partner Universities in Korea



From June 25th to July 6th 2018, VN-UK Institute for Research and Executive Education, the University of Danang (VNUK,UD) visited and worked with prestigious universities in Korea, including Yonsei University, Kangwon National University and Daegu Catholic University.

Korea’s field of education has significantly grown in comparison to other Asian countries. This trip further strengthened cooperation between VNUK,UD and the following universities: Yonsei University, Kangwon National University and Daegu Catholic University.


Yonsei University was established on April 10th, 1885, as a private university of Korea. The university has been in the top 3 best universities in Korea (ranked by UniRank –  the leading international higher education directory and search engie featuring reviews and rankings in Korea, 2018) and ranked #106 worldwide (according to QS World University Rankings in 2018). Over the past three years, Prof. Hyunkon Kahng of the Faculty of Business Administration at Yonsei University has consistently taught 03 courses of Business Analysis at VNUK,UD. The Faculty of Postgraduate Studies also has a delegation of 15 students which attended the International Conference UK-ASEAN Innovation Conference in Vientiane, Laos in 2016.

During this trip, the Institute’s leaders visited the Incubation Center of Yonsei University in Wonju – one of their three campuses. The Institute had a meeting with Dr. Myungjin Kim – the Dean of the International Education Center of the University to discuss the detailed plan of promoting exchanges between students as well as the further cooperation in teaching and researching.



Kangwon National University (KNU) is one of the 10 largest universities in Korea. In the past two years, the Institute has had a vast amount of collaborative activities in exchanging both lecturers and students, especially with the Faculty of Biomedical Science belonging to the University of Natural Sciences. In 2017, the Institute appointed lecturer Le Manh Linh to exchange research for a month at the Faculty of Biotechnology in Natural Sciences School. July this year, 04 students from Biomedical Science, VNUK,UD, will also have a month working in the Laboratory of Biomedical Science. This is an opportunity for students of the Institute to access Kangwon National University’s modern research facilities and further improve and enhance their research skills.

During this visit, the Institute’s leaders met Professor Jae – Young Yu – the Dean of College of Natural Sciences, Prof. Lee Jeong-Hyung and lecturers from the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences and Information Technology. In particular, the delegation worked separately with the representatives of the Department of Computer Science, including Dr. Jinho Kim and Dr. Hyeonseung Im. The faculty representatives were very pleased with the opportunity to send students of the Faculty to study at VNUK,UD for project-based learning in the near future. Accordingly, students will participate in real projects at a company with the guidance of the VNUK,UD trainers. This activity will be a part of Korea’s national project to improve the human resources capacity of the IT sector.


Daegu Catholic University (DCU) is the largest Catholic university in Korea. DCU is a multicultural school with an international character. Daegu Catholic University (DCU) is Korea’s largest university and has the most cooperative activities with VNUK,UD, especially student exchange. In the past three years, the Institute has sent 20 students to attend the summer program in 2016, with four students participating in a one-year exchange program at DCU in two majors – Information Technology and International Business Management. Most remarkably, in July, the Institute will receive 20 students of DCU to study and exchange culture at VNUK,UD.

The members Dr. Nguyen Thi My Huong, Deputy Vice rector of VNUK,UD and Dr. Tran The Vu, head of the Academic Affairs department, had a very successful trip. It is believed that there will be more in-depth activities in the cooperation between VNUK,UD and other prestigious Korean universities to contribute to the mission of educating the next generation of students with comprehensive adaptability and have effective problem solving skills, meeting the requirements of society in the industrial revolution 4.0.


Some more images from the Korean Trip of VNUK, UD: