VNUK, UD at SURF 2018 - The 3rd International Startup Conference and Exhibition in Danang



On 29/6/2018, The 3rd International Startup Conference and Exhibition in Danang – SURF was taken place with the present of 20 investors, 30 speakers and more than 2000 participants. At the same time, Google I / O Extended 2018 conference was also held in the framework of SURF 2018. VNUK Institute for Research and Executive Education, the University of Danang(VNUK, UD) was very honored to have representative to attend this conference.





Google I/O is Google’s developer conference held annually in San Francisco, California. At this time, the conference attracted the participation of more than 400 IT programmers and students in the Central of Vietnam. The event provided in-depth technical presentations focused on web development, mobile platforms, and commercial applications built by the open web technologies from Google.

At this conference, Dr. Tran The Vu – Head of Academic Affairs Office, Head of Computer Science and Engineering Department at VNUK, UD – was honored to join as a speaker. He shared his experience and expertise on one of the hottest technology topics today: “On-device machine learning: Tensorflow Lite meets Android’’. In addition, he also shared his plans to set up an algorithm and Al self – driving car research team and the artificial intelligence lab.



“This conference has attracted many programmers in Da Nang city in general and The central of Viet Nam in particular. The conference also provided in-depth information and updated Google I / O technology trends. I believe that with the useful information from the conference and what speakers’ share; technology industry in general and artificial intelligence industry in particular will have new breakthroughs; more advanced products in the future. “- Dr. Tran The Vu shared.

With the Information Technology industry as a spearhead in training and research; VNUK, UD Institute for Research and Executive Education constantly builds a team of qualified teachers and researchers who have practical knowledge and contribution to the development of the community. In the near future, VNUK, UD has and will continue to pioneer and participate in activities of information technology community in Da Nang city; contributing to the development of the human resources in this area.


Some more pictures of Dr. Tran The Vu – VNUK, UD at the Conference: