The University of Danang with its mission of training high quality human resources for the development of Da Nang city



On 10/8/2018, Danang Party Committee in cooperation with the Central Economic Department held a Conference "Building and developing Danang city in the period of industrialization and modernization of the country" on the occasion of a 15 - year review of the implementation of Resolution No. 33-NQ / TW of the Politburo (course IX) " on building and developing Danang city in the period of industrialization and modernization" which is regarded as the crucial policy  to create the foundation and strategy for Danang city to bring into full play its advantages, develop and reach  the role of a central city and growth engine of the Central Vietnam.

The Conference was full attended by leaders, experts, scientists, managers and businesses. The development of qualified human resources was identified as one of the key strategies and decisions. In which the University of Danang (UD) plays a key role in training and providing high quality human resources, positively contributing to the development of Danang city, the Central Highlands region as well as the whole country.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Minister of Education and Training visited UD


At the Conference, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Vu – President of UD emphasized the importance of education and training to meet the human resources for the City’s development in his presentation, thereby introduced the scale of the UD, shared the accumulated experiences of UD in high quality training and proposed solutions to continue the development of high quality human resources training in the coming years.

First Secretary of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, Le Quoc Phong (First on the left) and the leader of UD visited the National Festival of Creativity and Entrepreneurship at UD



Students of Advanced Program – Embedded System, Center of Excellence, University of Science & Technology - UD (the Program has been international accredited and got second highest score in accredited programs at AUN-QA standards.


Based on the analysis of the domestic and international economic development context as well as human resource requirements in the coming years and based on the specific conditions of Danang City, UD recommended the specific areas should be focused on training high quality human resources for Danang City in the coming years as follows:

- Information Technology

- Automation, telecommunications

- Recycled energy

- Processing agricultural and aquatic products

- Finance and banking

- Ecommerce

- Tourism and Hospitality

- Culture

- Logistic…

At the end of the presentation, Prof. Nguyen Ngoc Vu emphasized that "High quality human resource training is a decisive factor to improve the competitiveness of Danang City in the coming years. Danang City should focus on training high quality human resources in the field of high intellectual requirements, connecting production through the Internet, IoT.

UD with its experiences and strong faculty and researchers will support Danang City to implement a strategy of training high quality human resources in accordance with socio-economic development requirements of localities in the coming years.

In order to consolidate the capacity to train highly qualified human resources in the regional and international labor markets, UD desired to receive the support from Danang City and the Government to facilitate the successful implementation of the Urban University Area in Hoa Quy-Dien Ngoc."