Prof.Dr.Sc. Bui Van Ga: Toward a University model of developed countries



Cần tổ chức lại hệ thống đại học, hình thành nên những đại học có quy mô lớn.

Need to reorganize the university system, forming large-scale universities.


Establishing compact and explicit Higher Education (HE) system

According to Prof. Bui Van Ga, in order to make our HE system be explicit and in line with the world HE system, it should only consist of: University/Université and College/Supérieure. Specifically, the College is established by the Prime Minister, consisting of Faculty/Faculté and Institute/Institut.

University established by the Prime Minister, includes specialized schools, faculties, research institutes; National universities and regional universities shall be set up by the Government, including the member colleges. Specialized colleges are established by the university, including departments and research centers.

Prof.Dr.Sc. Bui Van Ga – former Deputy Minister of Training and Education


As analyzed by Prof. Bui Van Ga, the HE system has the following advantages: It is a compact and explicit system with only universities and colleges. All academically-trained institutions will become members of the university or college. Only universities and colleges have the legal status of issuing university degree in the national education system.

"In the long run, our HE system consists of major universities. The remaining colleges only train specialized disciplines. In universities, there is a need for general university and combined university distinction. These universities are all translated as University / Université but different in terms of their contents which will be clarified in the documents under the law "- Prof. Bui Van Ga exchanged.

After the Law on Amendment and Supplementation of some articles of the Law on Higher Education came into existence, we could immediately establish some universities (general universities). "For example, Can Tho university have Information Technology College, Agricultural College, Institute of Rice, Institute of Environment ... or Hanoi University of Science and Technology has Electric College, Metallurgical College, Mechanical College" - Prof. Bui Van explained.


Experiences from National Universities and Regional Universities

The organization and rearrangement of new model universities on one hand ensure the efficiency but on the other hand also minimize disturbances that may negatively affect the general operation of our HE system.

Regarding the regulations of the National University and Regional University, Prof. Bui Van Ga said that these are combined universities, including member universities/colleges with full legal status. Currently, two national universities and three regional universities has followed this model.

"After the Law on Amendment of and Supplementation to a Number of Articles of the Law on Higher Education was created, new universities may be established. For example: Vinh University is a combination of universities in Nghe An province or Dong Nai University includes universities in the area ... "- Prof. Bui Van Ga shared and emphasized: Such a university model is suitable for developed countries. The French Republic is also renovating its HE system as a regional universities organization based on a combination of universities in the same area.

Professor Bui Van Ga said that we continued to promote the achievements of 25 years of implementation of the National University and Regional University. In the period of centralized management of higher education, thanks to the high autonomy mechanism, National universities and Regional universities have effectively used shared resources to improve the quality of training and international integration.

"In the context of current competition for international integration, the development of small and fragmented HE system is no longer effective and cannot be competitive for ranking. Therefore, the reorganization of the university system, forming large-scale, multidisciplinary universities with concentrated investment on the basis of experiences of national universities and regional universities is necessary" - Professor Bui Van Ga commented.

Another advantage that, according to Prof. Bui Van Ga, organizing the university system in such manner is to reduce the number of units under the Ministry. In fact, national universities and regional universities now have many member universities with full legal status. If there are no national Universities, regional Universities, the number of focal points under the Ministry of Education and Training will increase by at least 30 agencies compared to current situation.

According to Prof. Bui Van Ga, thanks to the structure of the explicit system, universities and colleges can easily link to the international HE system to exchange students, faculty, joint training, recognize mutual credit and co-diploma. The translation into foreign languages is also convenient, consistent, not as confusing as the current HE system.