Enterprising Ideas Competition at University of Technology and Education – the University of Danang



In March, 2019, the V2WORKs Management Board of the University of  Danang University (UD) in coordination with the University of Technology and Education - UD (UTE) to organize the Enterprising Ideas Competition 2019. The purpose of the Competition was to support and create innovation space for students to express ideas, solutions and perform technical products with high applicability.


There were 09 teams presented ideas and technical solutions for products created by teams. These products were the result of creative working of students under the guidance of teachers UTE. The products participating in the competition were very diverse, including the design of equipment, models of new technologies for IoT technology application, knowledge technology, robot technology to serve traffic and tourism management,  power management, energy saving ...



Jury Board and Competitors at the Competition


Among the Competition products, the Jury appreciated the three excellent products including: The first project named "LoRa network application to manage and monitor electricity consumption of households". This project was researched and implemented by POWER Team. The research results of the team are to manufacture remote digital data collection devices using LoRa network. The device can collect data accurately, continuously, when necessary, detect incidents in households (short circuits) and it is important to solve the problem of data collection up to 10km, monitor electrical risks or incidents.





The second project was "Research and design a tourist bicycle system for smart cities" by the S-Bicycle team. Tourist bike system for smart city integrates remote bicycle management devices via LoRa network, builds a free bicycle system for tourists and functions to remind visitors to return the bike on time, inform the location of available bike for tourist conveniently.



S-Bicycle Team


The third project related to environmental protection applications implemented by S-BIN1 team titled "Research and design trash system for smart cities". The system helps to monitor public waste bins via the network, determine the status of a full or empty bin to customize the appropriate waste collection schedule and save costs. Trash also has the ability to sort reusable garbage or destroyed garbage. This system contributes to making the City more beautiful and civilized. At the same time, through the competition, teams of the same idea will work together to develop a stronger application, such as the project "Making smart trash model" by S-BIN2 team associated with the topic of S-BIN1 team.



Presentation of S-BIN1


At the end of the round, the Jury selected three excellent teams to award prizes sponsored by NET & COM.




Through the Competition, students has shown the spirit of learning and passion for scientific research. This was the first step for the students of the University to step forward in the start-up movement in the industrial age of 4.0.