Scholarship by the Japan Business Association in Vietnam: Together with elite Vietnamese students take firm step into life



Yesterday Afternoon (03/12),  Japan – Viet Nam Economic Cooperation Committee and The Japan Business Association in Vietnam (JBAV) have awarded 24 scholarships for disadvantaged students of the University of Danang (UD) who got excellent result in studying, training and participating in community activities.

Mr. Toyoaki Funakoshi- Head of Japan- Vietnam Economic Conference Committee, member of JBAV; General Director of  Sumitomo Corporation Vietnam LLC awarded the scholarships to UD’s students.

“We hope that these scholarships will significantly help outstanding Vietnamese students who are interested in the country of Japan or Japanese language to firmly step into life”.

“We also hope that in the future, these students can work for universities, government agencies or enterprises, actively contribute to the development of Vietnam as their elder generation did”.

“In order to develop the Japan – Viet Nam cooperation relationship to a new level and to build Vietnamese society with more and more prosperity, I desire that we will have opportunity to work with these students in future” said Mr Toyoaki Funakoshi - Head of Japan- Vietnam Economic Conference Committee, member of JBAV;  General Director of  Sumitomo Corporation Vietnam LLC.

Mr Daiken MURAKAMI, chairman of JBAV, General Director of Showa Denko Rare-Earth Vietnam Co.,Ltd. Expressed “Human resource training” is a matter which have to be taken shape from the root, therefore, since 2001, along with KEIDANREN (Tokyo), we have step – by –step supported continously by scholarships to encourage the excellent Vietnamese students. I also hope that these scholarships will be an incentive for them to be diligent and endeavor to become useful human resource contributing to the strong development of Japan – Vietnam relationship.

Mr. Daiken MURAKAMI, chairman of JBAV, General Director of Showa Denko Rare-Earth Vietnam Co.,Ltd and Assoc.Prof. Dr. Ngo Van Duong – Vice president of UD- awarded the scholarships and took photo with students.

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Ngo Van Duong-Vice President of UD showed that since 2001, JBAV has reserved 24 scholarships each year for UD’s disadvantaged students who got outstanding academic result. This is the 12th year, teachers and students of UD get this valuable support. UD has the honor of acknowledging this noble contribution.

“The scholarship named JBAV is not only the reward for examples of overcoming difficulties but also a favorable condition for their studying and training contributing to encouraging the spirit of learning and moral cultivation in UD’s students community”, said Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ngo Van Duong.

Mr  Daiken MURAKAMI and Assoc. Prof.Dr.  Ngo Van Duong exchanged their souvenir gifts.

“The cooperative relationship between Vietnam and Japan has been getting better and better. The number of Vietnamese students studying in Japan has risen from 900 people in 2001 to 4000 people in 2011 (ranked  4th in countries having overseas students in Japan). Viet Nam is ranked first in Asian with the biggest number of overseas students in Japan exceeding Thailand and Malaysia”.

In economic cooperation relationship, investment capital this year invested in Vietnam by Japan ranks first in comparison with other countries and regions.

The number of licensed Japanese enterprises in the form of direct investment from January to October this year are 240 companies, breaking the record  number in 2007 (154 companies).  If at the end of November last year, the number of JBAV members was 427 companies, the number of members this year has reached 489 companies. Quoted from speeches of Mr Toyoaki Funakoshi and Daiken Murakami.

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