Daegu Catholic University Summer Study Abroad 2019



On 08/07/2019, VNUK was delighted to welcome the delegation of 20 students from Daegu Catholic University (DCU), Korea to participate in the 2019 Summer Cultural and Learning Program.



The program is sponsored by the Korean Government with the aim of helping students access the foreign learning and cultural environment. This is an annual activity happening in many countries, in which the Korean Government has chosen VNUK as a destination in Vietnam. Through the programs of summer school, study exchange, VNUK has become a prominent destination for students from many countries around the world such as Hungary, Korea, the UK, etc.


Throughout the series of activities and exchanges at VNUK, Korean students have chance to experience Vietnamese culture through food and school subjects. In addition, Korean students will also be able to practice thinking and business skills classes and many other useful modules. VNUK hopes this will be the memorable experience of Korean students in Vietnam.


In addition to regularly receiving students from other countries, VNUK also has many programs for VNUK students to exchange at universities in countries such as South Korea, United Kingdom, Spain … This is a great opportunity for students to access international education and culture of countries around the world.