Bring knowledge to disadvantaged areas



For many years, the University of Danang and its members have focused on applying student’s scientific research to households; Using scientific knowledge, intellectual in volunteer activities to improve quality. So far, many models have been transferred effectively, creating livelihoods for people after the Green Summer campaign.


Các thầy cô và nhóm sinh viên chuyển giao công nghệ trồng nấm bào ngư trong chiến dịch Mùa hè xanh năm 2018 của ÐH Sư phạm (ÐH Ðà Nẵng) tại xã Duy Phước (huyện Duy Xuyên). Ảnh: NVCC

Teachers and student groups transferred technology of abalone mushroom cultivation in the Green Summer Campaign of 2018 of the University of Education – the University of Danang in Duy Phuoc commune, Duy Xuyen district.


Summers of transfer

From the date of the Green Summer volunteers of University of Education – the University of Danang transferred the model of abalone mushroom cultivation in 2017, Ms. Le Thi Hieu (Hoa Nhon commune, Hoa Vang district, Danang city) still considers growing mushrooms as a career that helps families with extra income. With the farm model transferred at low cost and techniques for growing mushrooms and 500 bags of mushrooms to test, in the crop, each day, Ms. Thuy earns about 10-20kg of mushrooms (each kg of mushrooms costs from VND 40,000 - VND 80,000). “Mushrooms are delicious and clean, so they can be sold quickly. My family still grows crops for extra income”, Ms. Hieu said.

In the Green Summer Campaign 2017, the Youth Union of University of Education – the University of Danang transferred 2 medicinal plant gardens with an area of ​​150m2 and 2 models of abalone mushroom (including 1,000 bags of mushrooms) to households in Hoa Nhon commune (Hoa Vang district); in 2018, technology of abalone mushroom cultivation was transferred to farmers in Duy Phuoc commune (Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province) with 500 bags of abalone mushroom ...

According to Mr. Truong Trung Phuong, Secretary of Youth Union of University of Education-UD, the technical transfer of mushroom and medicinal plants is a regular activity to bring mushroom biotechnology studies and the medicinal plants of teachers and students the University come to the localities where the Green Summer campaign is located. "In the first phase, the households will be supported 100% in breeds, techniques and facilities ... After the campaign ends, the teachers and students in the research team still regularly monitor and support households until they fully understand the techniques” said Phuong.


High quality volunteer activities

The transfer of technology for growing clean mushrooms in the Green Summer campaigns of University of Education - UD is just one of many high-quality volunteer activities, giving priority to the gray matter content and scientific knowledge in volunteering of Youth Union of the University of Danang.

In recent years, UD’s member units have effectively implemented many high-quality Green Summer volunteer activities, applying scientific knowledge and gray matter in volunteerism, specifically, transferring high-tech agricultural models such as models of abalone mushroom cultivation in Hoa Vang district (Danang city), Duy Xuyen (Quang Nam province) of University of Education-UD; automatic earthworm rearing combined with waste treatment from livestock in Hoa Bac commune (Hoa Vang district), automatic incense burning machine of University of Science and Technology - UD; building and assembling solar street light systems in Quang Nam and Quang Ngai provinces of University of Science and Technology and University of Technology and Education -UD; developing tourism projects, building tourism products, developing local supply chains for Nam Giang, Duy Xuyen districts of the University of Economics-UD ...

According to UD’s Youth Union Secretary, Mr. Duong Nguyen Minh Huy, participating in the Green Summer activities helped students realize practical difficulties in the localities, grasping the community and social issues of concern such as environment, economic development ... “Since then, many students have been thinking, burning solutions in the learning process as well as after graduation to develop initiatives, even start a business; solve difficult problems for the locality” Mr. Huy said.

Starting a business from ... Green summer


       'Cõng” tri thức về vùng khó - ảnh 1       

 Ngo Thi Hong Van was introducing mushroom-based products at Danang International Start-up Exhibition 2018. Photo: NVCC


Experiencing many green summers with the main task of transferring models of mushroom cultivation to the locality, Ms. Ngo Thi Hong Van (former student of Environmental Sciences – University of Education, UD) and a group of friends have established a start-up company that specializes in providing high-tech agricultural products, specializing in clean mushroom products.

“Through the model transfer activities and mushroom growing technology in the green summer, we apply the knowledge and research on the lecture into practice. At the same time, “hands-on learning” and building relationships with local people are the first foundations for us to boldly establish a business of producing high-tech mushroom and mushroom – based products” said Ms. Van.