Strengthening cooperation with Cultural Education Organization - Kulturstudier, Norway



In the morning of August 28, 2019, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Le Quang Son - Vice President of the University of Danang (UD) had a meeting and working session with the delegation of Cultural Education Organization (Kulturstudier), Norway led by the President, Mr. Rune Tjelland.


The overview of the meeting


At the meeting, Mr. Rune Tjelland - President of Kulturstudier, Norway expressed his pleasure to be with the students of the "Development Program" to visit UD - the key regional university in the beautiful and hospitable coastal city of Danang, one of the three prestigious educational, training and scientific research centers in Vietnam. Mr. Rune shared that since the two sides signed a cooperation agreement over the past 10 years, many UD's lecturers and students have received scholarships to attend courses, internships and research under the "Development Program" organized by Kulturstudier. He acknowledged and highly appreciated the cooperation and support of UD in promoting and deploying international experts and students to participate in practical research and experience courses to learn about culture and development economics in the Hoi An ancient town, Quang Nam province (to be organized twice per year). From these courses, many UD’s students as well as international students have the opportunity to receive scholarships to continue studying postgraduate programs in Norway and Europe.


Visiting mission of Kulturstudier, Norway


Speaking at the meeting, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Quang Son - Vice President of UD has recognized and appreciated the outstanding activities in the field of culture and education, especially training and research courses initiated and sponsored by Kulturstudier, Norway. It has brought many useful opportunities to help Vietnamese, Norwegian and European students to exchange, study and learn culture to enhance their knowledge, strengthen Asia - Europe relationship in the context of integration and globalization. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Quang Son emphasized that this is truly a valuable opportunity, an unforgettable and useful international experience for every student. The Vice President of UD would like to continue to expand and develop cooperation through the connecting role of Kulturstudier to link UD to European partners and proposed the coordination of organizing field trips for Nordic students to Danang city in particular and Vietnam in general with many cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes, taking advantage of the support funds from the Norwegian Government to implement student exchange programs.


Group photo


On this occasion, UD has introduced a number of programs taught in English at the VN-UK Institute, University of Science and Technology - UD and University of Economics - UD and be ready to welcome Norwegian students as well as international students to short-term and long-term study and research. The Kulturstudier recognized and was willing to introduce Norwegian students to study at UD while inviting UD's lecturers to teach a number of topics on development economics and Vietnamese culture. for practical courses implemented by Kulturstudier, Norway in Hoi An. The two sides agreed to extend the cooperation agreement to strengthen the existing and good relationship in the past time, recognizing the recommendations and directions of the leaders of the two sides to continue strengthening the exchange and cooperation more effectively in the coming time.