Orientation Program by JFE Steel Corporation, Japan to students of the University of Danang



On September 6, 2019, JFE Steel Corporation, Japan held an Orientation Program, introducing students of the University of Danang (UD) to receive JFE Group’s  scholarships in 2019. Assoc. Prof.Dr. Le Quang Son - Vice President of UD welcomed the delegation.

Attending the Program, there were Mr. Takuya Murakami - Vice Chairman, in charge of Research and Experimental Center of JFE Steel Corporation, Japan; Mr. Isao Fukushima - General Director of JFE Steel Vietnam Co., Ltd.; Mr. Do Quang Long - Deputy Manager of JFE Steel Vietnam Co., Ltd; representatives of International Cooperation Department, Student Affairs Department of UD and 20 candidate students of the Program’s scholarship.


Overview of the Orientation Program


Speaking at the event, Mr. Takuya Murakami highlighted the significance of education and high-quality human resources for the development of each country and industrial community. In addition, the JFE Group has always shown its social responsibility, making a positive contribution to the development of education and training of the two countries Vietnam - Japan in general, for UD, one of its traditional strategic partnersfor years in particular. On this occasion, JFE Group would like to have more and more students of UD to receive scholarships, thereby motivate and support students to excel in learning and practicing, accompanying the Group and UD to accomplish the mission of making a "bridge" to nurturing and developing the friendship between Vietnam and Japan as well as between the university and business.


Mr. Takuya Murakami – Vice Chairman of JFE Steel Corporation


Speaking with students and JFE Group, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Quang Son - Vice President of UD, acknowledged,  highly appreciated the significance of the program and  expressed his special thank was given to the JFE Group for granting UD many valuable scholarships to encourage student‘s endeavor to study to meet the increasing demands of the domestic and international labor markets. “UD always attaches great importance to developing and strengthening cooperation with Japanese enterprises, including JFE Steel Corporation, a leading steel corporation of Japan (top 10 largest steel corporations in the world). Receiving the JFE Group's scholarship is not only a great honor for students but also a reliable evidence  of UD’s achievêmnt in cooperation with businesses and talents, demonstrating "social responsibility" and developing university – business cooperation. Through these activities, UD desires to create opportunities for students to learn, cultivate and adapt quickly in an advanced, professional working environment with Japanese business” emphasized Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Quang Son. He affirmed that UD would always accompany and create favorable conditions for businesses as well as the JFE Group to effectively implement cooperation programs, support students, provide high quality human resources for businesses and society.


UD's leaders presented souvenirs to JFE Group's representative


 UD and JFE Steel Corporation have officially established cooperative relations since 2013. In recent years, JFE Group has continuously awarded nearly 50 scholarships to students of UD’s members. The students who receive the scholarships are exemplary examples of their efforts to overcome difficulties, rise to good academic and training achievements, many of them are able to use Japanese well and have the opportunity to practice and work at Japanese companies and businesses. In addition to granting scholarships to students, UD and JFE Group have been carrying out many activities of exchanging cooperation on scientific research and technical application at the University of Science and Technology - UD. Funding for frê Japanese language training courses  to students is also a meaningfulactivity of JFE Group (up to now, 150 students have attended and promoted good results).


Delegates and students in group photo


According to the 2019-2020 academic year agreement, JFE Group will continue the scholarship program (07 scholarships, worth 60,000 Japanese yen equivalent to 13 million VND) for UD’s students, with similar selection criteria of the years, especially the Group also gives the priority scholarships to students wishing to continue graduate school in Japan after graduation from University. In the academic year 2019-2020, JFE Group will continue to support free Japanese language classes  for students and create conditions for students to receive excellent scholarships to participate in internships at the Research Institute of JFE Corporation in Kawasaki, Japan.