Students of University of Science and Technology – The University of Danang won the second prize in the "Busan Architecture and Urban Media Competition 2019"



Recently, student Pham Ngoc Hoai Duong - Faculty of Architecture Engineering, University of Science and Technology - the University of Danang (DUT-UD) has excellently won the second prize (Architectural design via Video) in “Busan Architecture and Urban Media Competition in 2019” with the theme: "Memory and Oblivion". The contest was organized by the Busan National Institute of Architecture, Korea, posted on the famous architecture website worldwide:


Hoang Duong's creative sketch about Busan city in his work


Pham Ngoc Hoai Duong is a fourth year student (class 16KTCLC2, Faculty of Architecture Engineering, DUT-UD), with many achievements in studying such as: First Prize in the Spreading Space Workshop 2018, the Second prize of Student of scientific research in the academic year 2018-2019 and has been selected to participate in many academic activities abroad with Faculty of Architecture Engineering (Japan, Laos, Thailand ...). Thereby, he accumulated a lot of precious knowledge, skills and emotions leading to the excellent results today. The strong point of Hoai Duong is hand drawn presentation as well as excellent sketching. Thanks to the passion and experience when participating in designing video clips through activities of his Faculty and DUT-UD (welcoming new students, Drawing Festival, the Facebook illustration of Faculty of Architecture Engineering ...), Hoang Duong has accumulated the necessary skills to make creative products as well as present persuadable ideas and impressive contents to adapt the requirements of international competitions. Link Youtube Video BUSAN ANNUAL MEMORIES SKETCH”

Winning award:


Student Pham Ngoc Hoai Duong, Faculty of Architecture Engineering, DUT-UD


Architect Aldo Rossi shared the meaning of this competition: "Memory is the consciousness of the city. The city itself is the common memory of citizen, and like the memory, it is closely linked to objects and location. City is the collective memory location, indicating that architecture can be a means of forming a city's identity. Identity is made up of places, where it's associated with the memories of many people”. In the modern life, big cities change rapidly which it is easy to forget and lose the spaces associated with the memories of many people. In the memory of locals and tourists, despite accepting the fact, they always think, remember and would like to have the opportunity to be reminded about the forgotten spaces… even just a familiar feature of a house or a corner of Busan.


Architecture is like a string connecting the past and the present, towards the future


Despite not having conditions to go to Busan, South Korea, Hoai Duong still chose the direction to develop a video on recreating small spaces which are familiar with the people of Busan through his creative drawing combined with skills of making a video recording the process of completing paintings of Busan by Google Street View. Hoai Duong noted details such as the façade of houses, corners, etc and then illustrated the story of “Past and present and the changes of architecture in the process of urbanization”. The message conveyed through the video had created the characteristics and identity of the architecture of Busan associated with the daily life of the people by recreating their living space and daily activities.

Congratulations to the achievements of student Pham Ngoc Hoai Duong and the Faculty of Architecture Engineering, DUT-UD! This was not only an honor of Hoai Duong but also a lively and convincing evidence for the high quality training of the Faculty and DUT-UD. Thereby this remarkable result contributed to popularize and improve the prestige and branding of DUT-UD in the integration context of international higher education.