Student of University of Science and Technology wins the second prize in Vietnam Green Architecture Competition 2019



Loving nature and wishing to participate in wildlife rescue activities, Tran Phuoc Bao Thu, student of the Faculty of Architecture excellently won the second prize in the contest "Green architecture Vietnam SV 2019 with the project "Center for pet care and wildlife relief in the west of Ba Na".


Trần Phước Bảo Thư với niềm đam mê kiến trúc xanh. (Ảnh: Nhân vật cung cấp)

Tran Phuoc Bao Thu with a passion for green architecture.


Bao Thu said she loves studying on animals, so when she realized that the mistreatment of wildlife in Vietnam was increasing to an alarming level, she thought about how to make a Green area in convenient, scientific and economical wayto rescue and protect wildlife. After consulting with her teachers in the faculty, Thu bravely selected and researched the topic of pet care and wildlife relief in the west of Ba Na.

The wildlife rescue project is built with an open and fully equipped system of architecture, including an exhibition & administrative area and a pet area. In particular, the zoo will have a hospital, a playground for animals, a semi-wild research area, and a residence for experts. With this project, Bao Thu made particularly impression at the "Green Architecture of Vietnam SV 2019" contest and was highly appreciated by the jury.

According to Bao Thu, one of the essential requirements of the project is to be located in a favorable location, attracting the attention of the community to propagate the issue of animal conservation. The second is to implement without destroying the forest's ecosystem. From here, Thu hopes it will be a safe area for animals from threats from nature and humans.

Dr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Deputy Head of the Faculty of Architecture, who is her supervisor, said: “I was very surprised when Thu chose the topic of wildlife protection to attend the competition. This is a rare topic because it is difficult to solve the related limitations. However, with her enthusiasm and talent, Thu has convinced the Jury with the second prize.”

The competition "Vietnam Green Architecture for Students 2019" took place in September 2019, within the framework of Vietnam Green Architecture Week 2019. The competition has attracted more than 100 projects selected from universities with specialization in Architecture nationwide. This is a playground to encourage young architects and students in the country to constantly create green buildings, contribute positively to the society, and show responsibility to the environment and sustainable development.

From Bao Da Nang