Vietnamese students - Lao join groupwork together



On the morning of the weekend, Zone D of University of Economics (the University of Danang) became bustling. In room D105, a group of students from Vietnam and Laos are attentive to the exercises of Applied Mathematics. In the first row, Lao friends Vongsavanh Sonelam (Banking Faculty) and Manosak Vilaphan (Tourism Faculty) laughed brightly after completing a difficult exercise. 


Buổi học nhóm đặc biệt diễn ra trong không khí vui vẻ. Ảnh: H.T

The special group session took place in a fun atmosphere.


Manosak Vilaphan and Vongsavanh Sonelam are two of many students participating in the Vietnam - Laos’s student support program organized by the Amigos Club (Club). With this program, Lao students will improve their knowledge through group lessons with Vietnamese students. The idea for this activity came from Mr. Bui Trung Hiep, a young lecturer of the school.


As a student in charge of student work, Mr. Hiep understands the difficulties of Lao students in the learning process, especially the language problem, so that they cannot keep up with the lecture in the class as well as participate in school activities.


“The school itself wants students from Laos to study and integrate better with Vietnamese students. That is why learning activities between students of the two countries were born to accomplish this purpose” Mr. Hiep said. Accordingly, the group study session is held every Sunday morning with a time of 3 hours. In the immediate future, the students of Laos will be able to improve their knowledge of two subjects: Applied Mathematics and Accounting Principles. The shared knowledge is mainly taken from the curriculum with the support and advice of the teachers.


To encourage Lao students to join this special group study program, the school and club members organized meetings, shared and captured the feelings of Laotian friends.


A person who "absorbed" the difficulties of studying in Vietnam, possessing the ability to speak Vietnamese fluently with good academic achievements, Souphavady Khampatha (3rd year student, Faculty of International Business) is trusted by Mr. Hiep and his friends.


Souphavady Khampatha said: “In order for our friends to join, the members of the club met and listened to your share, thereby persuading you to take a little hard because of learning, because not everyone can voluntarily attend group study on weekend.”


Meanwhile, joining the study group as a support for knowledge, Mr. Tong Thi Thanh Tuyen said: “Here everyone's learning abilities is different, the club needs a lot of time to observe and understand students' knowledge and propose effective learning plans. In order for the group study to be more effective and complete, we really need the feedback and input from students from Laos”.


Sharing after the group study, Mr. Manosak Vilaphan (Faculty of Political Economics) said: “I feel this activity is very useful and necessary for Lao students like me. I also wish that the time for each group study session would be increased by one hour to exchange more knowledge.”


With the support of the University of Economics, Mr. Bui Trung Hiep and members of Amigos Club hope that the group study activities between Vietnam - Laos’s students will be sustained for a long time. The current president of Amigos Club, Do Thao Phuong, Faculty of International Business, said that the club has been born for 4 years, with many activities for the community such as supporting enrollment, organizing traditional New Year holidays for students. Laos, gymnastics and sports activities ... increase the friendship and solidarity of the students. In addition, the club also carried out the program Rever radio (roughly translated as "The dreamer"), which is the place of confession and heart of many students of the school.


According to Mr. Bui Trung Hiep, currently University of Economics has 15 clubs, teams and groups operating in many different fields. The enthusiastic activities of students have created a friendly and dynamic environment in the school. Mr. Hiep hopes that the clubs will have more programs, good activities and connect students in the coming time not only within the school but also expanded to other schools in the city.