The first International Conference on Law International Business and Economic Development



On the morning of November 22nd, 2019, the first International Conference on Law International Business and Economic Development (ICLIBED 2019) was officially organized at University of Economics – the University of Danang (DUE-UD) with the participation of nearly 100 delegates, scientists, international speakers, senior leaders from UD, DUE-UD, co-organizations and lecturers and students  of DUE-UD.



The highlight of the conference was the participation and presentation of two leading professors in the field of Economics and Law, Université de Bretagne Sud, including Prof. Anne-Sophie LAMBLIN-GOURDIN - Professor of Law – Dean,  School of Law, Economics and Political Science and Prof. Brigitte LOTTI - Professor of Law - Director of Lab-LEX. With extensive experience and knowledge in the field of Economics - Law - International Business, Prof. Anne-Sophie LAMBLIN-GOURDIN and Prof. Brigitte LOTTI brought a lot of interesting topics to the ICLIBED 2019.

At the conference, Assoc. Prof. Vo Thi Thuy Anh - Vice Rector of DUE-UD shared that ICLIBED 2019 was the result of the close cooperation relationship between DUE-UD and international partners. ICLIBED-2019 was a destination to gather international leading experts in Law, International Business and related fields, serving as a unique meeting point in Southeast Asia for researchers, students and planners to meet, share experiences and exchang in-depth ideas. For DUE-UD, the conference would be a valuable opportunity to promote and connect DUE-UD’s research activities with prestigious partners around the world, as well as create great opportunity for DUE-UD’s scientists, lecturers and students to learns and cultivates their professional knowledge from leading professors in the field of Law, Development Economics and International Business.


Assoc. Prof. Vo Thi Thuy Anh delivered the opening remark


Assoc.Prof. Le Quang Son - Vice President of UD gave congratulation flowers to the two leading speakers at the conference


Under the framework of the conference, senior leader of DUE-UD also signed a cooperation agreement with senior representative of Université de Bretagne Sud on cooperation in organizing academic events, increasing Scientific research activities & lecturers, students mobility programs and internships. The cooperation agreement would be the foundation for the relationship of mutual support and development between the two leading research and training centers in Vietnam and France.


Senior leaders of Université de Bretagne Sud and DUE-UD signed the MoU


This year, the conference received a total of 63 articles from domestic and international scientists, lecturers, especially prestigious scholars in the field of Law, Development Economics & International Business . Through the approval process, The Content Board selected 30 articles to present at the Conference. The theme of ICLIBED-2019 was Law, International Business and Sustainable Economic Development. Accordingly, Sustainable development in terms of Economy, Society and Environment was an urgent issue and was receiving the attention of the international community. Developed countries like France and developing countries like Vietnam and Brazil also face these problems. Therefore, this conference added more voices for experts, scientists to consult and advise the government on sustainable development plans in the context of globalization. The research mainly focused on:

- Law on business and international business;

- International business and sustainable economic development;

- Export development law and strategy;

- New solutions to replace new dispute;

- Sustainable economic development: Diverse background and concepts;

- Sustainable economic development and labor law;

- Sustainable economic development and the law for struggling companies;

- Economic agreement between the European Union, Vietnam and Brazil;

- International cooperation and environmental protection;

- International e-commerce development strategy;

- Information and communication technology, environment and international business.


Prof. Anne-Sophie LAMBLIN-GOURDIN brought up a fascinating discussion on Law & Development Economics





Vibrant presentations and discussions at the workshop


The ICLIBED 2019 was highly appreciated by experts and scientists on the scale of organization and quality of the presentation. The presentations and discussions took place enthusiastically with high scientific content and multi-dimension and in-depth perspective on Law, International Business and Economic Development. As a host, DUE-UD and its partners strived to provide a modern, friendly academic exchange space of an international-class conference, contributing to the creation of the global researchers network in the field of Law, Development Economics and International Business.


Group photo taking