Enrolment Notice on abroad training PhD upon project 911 in 2013



Based on Decision No. 911/QD-TTg 17/06/2010 by the Prime Minister on approving the project on training PhD lecturers for universities and colleges in the period from 2010 to 2020 (Project 911) and Circular No. 35/2012/TT-BGDDT dated 12/10/2012 signed by the Minister of Education and Training (MOET), regulating abroad training PhD upon Project 911, MOET informs enrolment of PhD candidates upon Project 911 for the year 2013 as follows:

1.   Candidates for application

1.1. Permanent lecturers and lecturers working by contract with definite term or indefinite term of universities, institutes which are higher education establishments (hereafter referred to as university)

1.2. Students who completed Bachelor or Master Programs within 12 months prior to the date of application have aspirations and commitment to return after graduation to work as lecturers at universities or colleges.

2. Training fields

    Training fields are based on the needs of lecturers and human resources training for national socio-economic development with priority given to the fields of engineering, technology, natural sciences, agriculture and other social and humane studies.

3. Expected PhD student number sent to designated Countries

Ministry of Education and Training has planned to send the lecturers to be trained in almost every advanced country in the world and in international training institutions that have a written cooperative commitment with the Ministry of Education and Training. The expected number of 1100 candidates will be allocated as follows:

Britain (50), Australia (50), New Zealand (25), United States (125), Russia (70), China (150), France (190) Germany (180), Japan (90), Singapore (40), South Korea (60), Canada (40) and others (30).

4. Conditions for recruitment

    4.1. General conditions

a) Good morality and sufficient health to study abroad, and commitment to returning home to work at training institutions that sent him/her to study abroad.

b) Not exceeding 45 years old when applying for PhD scholarship

c) Registered PhD training field corresponding to his/her Bachelor or Master Degrees.

d) Recommendation for admission signed by the university where the candidates work (for those defined in Section 1.1) or where the learners signed commitment contract to returning back to work as lectures after graduation (for the specified object in article 1.2).

e)  Good command of a foreign language requested by admission university as defined in article 4.3.

4.2. Specific conditions for applicants

a) Candidates as defined at article 1.1 must have Bachelor or Master Degrees.

b) Candidates as defined at article 1.2 must have good undergraduate results and average scores of Master programs above 8.0 (on a scale of 10), with signed commitment contract with a university or college to be its lecturer after graduation and commitment by their father/mother or the sponsor to fulfilling their responsibilities and obligations for the sending university as formulated at article 4 of the regulations on PhD training according to project "Training lecturers at PhD level for universities and colleges in the period of 2010-2020" approved by Decision No. 911/QD-TTg 17/06/2010 by the Prime Minister and promulgated with Circular No. 35/2012/TT-BGDDT 12/10/2012 by the Minister of Education and Training.

4.3. Conditions in foreign language skills

Applicants should have one of these certificates, degrees as follows:

a) A certificate of foreign language proficiency at level B2 or grade 4/6 or more according to the European Reference Framework of foreign languages awarded by a competent international establishment within 02 years up to the time of application in this notice, in accordance with the requirements of expected host country and university. The information about European Reference Framework of foreign languages for study-abroad applicants is attached at Appendix 1 of this Notice.

b) Bachelor or Master Degrees in a foreign country where the applicants tend to continue their further study or the language used in studying abroad in accordance with the language that will be used to pursue their doctoral programs.

5. Registration procedure, documents and application fees

5.1. Registration Procedure

Based on this notice, the universities make selection of candidates meeting the regulations by MOET in accordance with the plans of training lecturers and make a short-list of candidates who will be sent to study in priority order (specify priority criteria) together with an official document for approval admission sent to the Ministry of Education and Training (Vietnam International Education Department (VIED).

The official documents and short-list of candidates (the form in Appendix 2 and 3) can be sent previously to e-mail address: dean911@vied.vn and the original ones sent by post.

5.2. Document list of each candidate

a) A written short-list of candidates

b) Application form (in Appendix 4).

c) A copy of the valid contract, decision on recruiting full-time lecturer at universities and colleges; valid copies of social insurance book or pay-sheet copies shown that social insurance was paid  for candidates  in article 1.1 of this notice. Commitment Contract for recruiting as lecturer signed by university or college in regard to those in article 1.2 of this Notice.

d) A commitment (the form provided in Appendix 5).

e) The curriculum vitae certified by the heads of the institution managing the lecturer (for lecturers who are working) or certified by the local People's Committee (for learners, newly graduated students).

f) A valid copy of undergraduate transcripts; and master program transcripts (if any) or temporary certificate of graduation for pending cases; After being admitted, candidates  need to submit additional valid copies of original degrees and transcripts. If degrees, transcripts, temporary graduation certificates issued by foreign institutions, candidates need to provide a valid notarized translation into Vietnamese together with the information of the scale assessment of the foreign institutions. For the students of transferring programs or part-time students, valid copies of professional secondary high school or college diploma and transcripts are required

g) A valid copy of a valid language certificate

h) A copy of the document issued by foreign institution agreeing to receive undergraduate students recently graduated for PhD training programs. Copies of admission letter and documents of full or partial scholarships granted by domestic and foreign institutions, agencies, organizations and individuals (if any).

i) Research proposal.

j) The list of scientific research works published and confirmed by the university or authorized agencies of approval and result announcement; If they are the subjects of scientific research, a copy of registered topic and acceptance minutes must be submitted (if any works or scientific research projects).

k) Other documents, if any (certificate of merit, priority documents, etc.)

l) A copy of the invoice and payment proof of application fees.

01 full application set of the above mentioned papers sent to the Ministry of Education and Training (through VIED) in two ways as follows:

a) By direct registration (online) with the files in PDF format by address http://tuyensinh.vied.vn/;

b) By post to VIED - MOET, 21 Le Thanh Tong, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. All documents are made ​​on A4-sized paper, covered by the envelope with the size of 25cm x 34cm, the outer must have full information: application for Project 911, applicant’s full name, the name of the assigning university, the name of registered country, registered study field, the list of the documents inside the envelope, contact address, telephone fixed numbers, mobile and e-mail for communication. The candidate has the right to apply for only one country.

Deadline: Before February 15th 2013

(According to the postmark made outside the envelope of application documents sent to VIED).