Alumni of University of Science and Technology – the University of Danang are honored to win the Top 10 Vietnam Outstanding Young Face Award - 2019



Recently, the Examination Council of the "Vietnam Outstanding Young Face Award 2019" voted and announced the noble award of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee in which Mr. Le Anh Tien ( born in 1990) - Former student of Electronics and Telecommunication Faculty, University of Science and Technology – the University of Danang (UD) was honored to be one of the 10 " Outstanding Young Face of Vietnam in 2019".



Le Anh Tien (the 3rd in the 2nd row) Top 10 Outstanding Young Face of Vietnam in 2019


Born into a working family, his father is a driving instructor, his mother works as a grocery seller, Le Anh Tien has been always aware of the need to be independent from an early age and spent a lot of time working hard at a soft drink shop at night "I knew I was working early to earn money. Right from kindergarten, I went to work to look after the car, so my childhood rarely went out, but only focused on experiencing life in society''. Since high school, Le Anh Tien has achieved many excellent achievements in informatics and innovative playgrounds such as: "The nonprofessional informatics contest of Da Nang city", Bronze Medal "Innovation Contest for young teenagers nationwide "... In  04 consecutive years (2011, 2015, 2016 and 2019), Le Anh Tien was awarded the prestigious award "Talent Vietnam". In particular, in 2015, he won the "Golden Globe Award 2015". Next, Le Anh Tien was one of 10 young characters (under 30 years old) honored to be on the "People to Watch-2017" list voted by Forbes Vietnam.


The prestigious award "Talent Vietnam-2019"


In 2018, 2019, Le Anh Tien and his twin brother Le Hoang Anh (Alumni of University of Education - UD) accompanied and owned many software that have won many domestic and international awards such as Chatbot Vietnam (Top 5 best project in E-Business WSIS Prize 2019-World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) organized by International Telecommunication Union (Geneva, Switzerland) under the sponsorship of United Nations. With MultiGlass technology products, Le Anh Tien and his brother Le Hoang Anh were honored to win the Champion of the 'National Got Talent in Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2019' contest in the framework of Techfest-2019 event and became the only representative of Vietnam to participate in Startup World Cup-2020 held in San Francisco, USA.


Champion of 'National Got Talent in Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2019'

Out of hundreds of technological patent products, "MultiGlass for People with Disabilities" is one of the most impressive inventions stemming from the impression of a Hue City Disability Center visit. When seeing people with disabilities using computers in a very difficult manner, Tien and his friend came up with the idea of ​​creating smart glasses to support people with disabilities to use computers by moving their heads. At the same time, this product also integrates a siren against drowsiness, helps drivers avoid distraction and reduce traffic accidents due to fatigue ...


 The young man (born in 1990) shared that choosing the time to receive investment capital was an important factor when many investors offered to invest in their innovative and startup products but “getting early investment is not always good ... Serious investors would wait until the products could support themselves and develop stably to invest". To get success today, we have experienced a lot of failures: ‘The important thing is that after each failure, I try to stand up ... To do that, a will and a hard training is indispensable”. Le Anh Tien shared.


MultiGlass assists people with disabilities to use computers

After graduated from University of Science and Technology - UD (majoring in Electronics and Telecommunication), Tien joined a number of domestic startups. In 2016, Tien was accepted to a doctorate degree program by a Stanford University’s professor, but because at that time, he was still in the middle of a 'start-up' project, so Tien has still reserved his study until now. 'I plan to have about 2 years from now, when the projects have developed stably, I will withdraw the shares and continue to further study”. Currently, Tien is also very busy with the development of Chatbot, a professional messaging platform for corporations and business units. “Chatbot now has attracted more than 10 million users from many countries: Vietnam, Taiwan, USA, Korea, Japan ... With the first 5 members, our company now has more than 30 members, after more than 01 year of development”.

Starting a business “passion is the only thing”


The Outstanding Young Face of Vietnamis the noble award of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee with the purpose of honoring typical young people, under 35 years of age, with outstanding achievements, excellence, spreading widely in the community about efforts, striving to rise up in the fields of learning, scientific research, physical training, sports, labor, production, national defense ... Ceremony commended "Outstanding Young Face of Vietnamin 2019 ” is expected to be held on the occasion of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union's Founding Day March 26th, 2020 and traditionally, after the Commendation Ceremony, Outstanding Young Face of Vietnam2019 will "return to the source" to announce the achievement to Hung King. When asked how to do a start-up, Le Anh Tien said: "There is only one thing, that is a passion".