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In the context of the acute respiratory disease epidemic caused by the new strain of Covid 19 virus, in addition to organizing teaching through the Elearning teaching support system, lecturers at University of Economics, The University of Danang, also organize the online reading group activities to share the scientific information to improve the teaching quality.


Screenshot of the online reading group activity


The activity of the online reading group of the Faculty of E-commerce, the University of Economics on the morning of March 12 was quite exciting, focusing on two topics: “The effect of Covid-19 epidemic on economy and education” and “Data mining and applications”. These are two meaningful topics with practical applications contributing to the socio-economic development. Participating in reading group activities, the reporters have the opportunity to interact, with colleague to share comments and assessments on the topic of the report. Based on the topic of this report, lecturers will continue to research and improve the topic to increase research effectiveness and practical applicability.



Screenshot of group reading online interactive activity


Reading group activities are regular activities organized by the University, this is a forum for sharing knowledge of lecturers and scientific researchers in order to contribute to changing teaching thinking, sharing knowledge and understanding about a specific topic, developing an appropriate curriculum combining between theory and practical environment.

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