Two young scientific researchers



Achieving outstanding achievements in scientific research and social work, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Phuoc Cuong (born 1985) and PhD. Dang Huu Man (1984) (The University of Danang - UD) are two excellent examples of inspiring other young people to make efforts to contribute to the overall development of the city.


PGS. Lê Phước Cường, Giám đốc Trung tâm Học liệu và Truyền thông, Trường Đại học Bách khoa (Đại học Đà Nẵng).

Assoc. Prof. Le Phuoc Cuong, Director of Learning Resources and Communication Center, University of Science and Technology - UD.


At the end of November 2019, Dr. Le Phuoc Cuong, Director of Learning Resources and Communication Center, University of Science and Technology – The University of Danang (UD) at the age of 34 was officially recognized by the State Council of Professors as Associate Professor (Assoc. Prof.) and also the youngest Assoc. Prof. in UD with impressive achievements.

From 2008 to the present, Assoc. Prof. Le Phuoc Cuong has had 68 scientific research works, including 3 books and grassroots level and state-level research topics, articles, scientific reports published in prestigious international magazines, some of his works were patented by the Government of the Russian Federation and he was also honored to be awarded the Lobachevski Chemistry Prize of the Russian Federation with the topic relating to the Optimization of supercritical fluid technology.

After graduating from Kazan National Research Technological University (Russian Federation) in 2012 with an excellent PhD degree in environmental chemistry at the age of 26, Dr. Cuong received many invitations from countries around the world with high preferential treatment. However, he refused these invitations and returned to his home country with his wish to dedicate to his homeland. He chose the Faculty of Environmental Engineering, University of Science and Technology – UD, where he would stick with.

The research of Dr. Cuong specializes in health and the environment, many of his topics are highly appreciated for the practical applicability as well as its benefits to the community, such as research on the possibility of reusing waste cotton flakes to grow edible mushrooms and produce compost.

According to Dr. Cuong, instead of Hoa Tho Textile - Garment Joint Stock Corporation must handle 500kg of waste cotton every day, this amount of cotton can bring huge economic benefits and contribute to protecting the environment. “When placing these cotton in wet places, there will be clumps of mushrooms, analyzing the quality of the finished products of white abalone mushrooms which meet output standards, on the other hand, the amount of residue from the growing medium generates a lot and can be used to compost into microbiological fertilizer”, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Phuoc Cuong said.

Besides, Dr. Cuong’s research on the process of accumulating environmental toxins in the population in the industrial and export processing zones in the city is also highly appreciated by the City Health Department.

Currently, he is collaborating with hospitals and health centers of the city to provide solutions to improve health, contribute to environmental protection for people near industrial and export processing zones, etc. and a lot of environmental remediation works which have been applied in practice.

In addition to teaching and researching science, Dr. Cuong has also been a passionate Secretary of the Youth Union who inspired the passion for scientific research and startup ideas for generations of students, established many knowledge playgrounds for young people which can be listed as follows:

University of Science and Technology Start-up Club, University of Science and Technology Young Research Team, etc. Dr. Cuong's efforts for the young generation have been recognized by the advanced Youth Badge following Uncle Ho's 2016, Ly Tu Trong Award 2017...

Appointed as Director of the Learning Resources and Communication Center of the University of Science and Technology - UD in 2018, in his new position, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Phuoc Cuong hopes to build many practical models to promote reading culture for students.

“Although I know there will be many difficulties, I want to affirm with my students the intellectual strength of Vietnamese youth in front of international friends. On my own side, I will continue to carry out current science and technology tasks with basic and applied research directions, continue to boldly propose new and practical ideas for people's life”, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Phuoc Cuong shared.


TS. Đặng Hữu Mẫn, Phó Trưởng phòng Khoa học và Hợp tác Quốc tế, Trường Đại học Kinh tế (ĐH Đà Nẵng). Mong muốn đóng góp vào sự phát triển của thị trường tài chính thành phố

PhD. Dang Huu Man, Deputy Head of Science and International Cooperation Department, University of Economics – UD, desires to contribute to the development of the city's financial market.


36 years old with 36 research projects, including 28 articles, scientific reports, 5 research topics and 3 books, efforts of PhD. Dang Huu Man has been recognized by the city with two certificates of merit from the Chairman of the City People's Committee for the author of a scientific article published in a prestigious international scientific journal in the ISI list (Scientific Information Institute, United States) 2017 and 2018, the award of a typical scientific project of the University of Danang in 2018. From 2016 to the present, PhD. Dang Huu Man has published 7 articles in ISI international journals.

“Unlike scientific and technical research, which will see results from real research, economic research from the final conclusion will draw implications for national experts, policy makers, the city has adjusted accordingly. It can be seen that the city's financial market has a great potential for development but has not been given adequate attention, I hope that my research projects will contribute to the development of Vietnam's finance in general and the city in particular”, PhD. Dang Huu Man said.

The research of PhD. Dang Huu Man specializes in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions and the stock market. In addition, PhD. Man also regularly cooperates with the Institute of Socio-Economic Development of the City to organize seminars, conferences, advisory and management for enterprises operating effectively. Currently, Dr. Man is coordinating research with Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (Ministry of Industry and Trade) on how policy risks affect financial markets and enterprises and businesses... thereby contributing to the adjustment of economic policies.

In teaching, he is the Deputy Head of Science and International Cooperation Department, University of Economics - UD, PhD. Dang Huu Man often works with foreign universities and educational institutions to invite many famous experts from the region and the world to come to the University of Economics to teach students. In 2016, after graduating from La Trobe University, Australia with a PhD degree in finance and returning to teach at the University of Economics-UD, PhD. Man actively invited Prof. Darren Henry, Dean of Finance Department, the La Trobe University to support teaching and scientific research consulting for the University of Economics-UD.

In addition to the university expenses, PhD. Dang Huu Man also invited many foreign lecturers to collaborate and teach from his own financial resources with the desire to inspire the motivation in learning as much as possible for students and also as well as provide opportunities for the lecturers to exchange more effectively, on the university's side, increasing exchanges and learning help develop research cooperation programs. “While teaching and doing research in the field of science, there are many difficulties in terms of time, however, I always want to inspire the passion of research and creativity for students who have enough conditions of international integration and asserting themselves”, PhD. Dang Huu Man shared.