The VN-UK Institute for Research and Executive Education, The University of Danang (UD) manufactures a Covid-19 disinfection chamber


Recently, the VN-UK Institute for Research and Executive Education (VNUK) - UD has successfully manufactured the disinfection chamber to prevent Covid-19. This disinfection chamber has been created by PhD. Dang Duc Long, Biomedical Sciences Department, VNUK in cooperation with Greenpower Science and Technology Company to prevent and minimize the spread of Covid-19 especially in public places such as hospital or factory.


PhD. Dang Duc Long and PhD. Nguyen Ngoc Tuan (Greenpower Science and Technology Company) "embarked" in developing and manufacturing a whole-body disinfection chamber by testing dilute hydrogen peroxide solution, without using electrochemical water (Anolyte or Ozone) to disinfect in order to minimize the impact to human health. The new device employs 1% hydrogen peroxide and controls the appropriate exposure time and misting method to disinfect surfaces, “balancing the bactericidal effect with human health effects; disinfectants of this type should produce less toxic residual gas to enter the respiratory system of humans, less corrosive to the surface and less affecting the environment and people ", PhD. Long shared.


The disinfection chamber has many pre-eminent features


During a fairly short misting time, about 5 seconds (both limiting impact on the body and not taking much time as many officers and employees can use at the same time), the person who go through the disinfection chamber will be guaranteed to destroy the virus sticking on the surface without affecting human health. Antibacterial ability can reach up to 70 to 85%. In particular, this device is easy to assemble, has a compact size so it is very convenient for moving and installing. "We are delighted that the disinfection chamber has received the Technical Certificate of the Center for technical standards and quality measurement for putting into application and serving the community", PhD Long said.


Trial installation at military units


When the situation of Covid-19 epidemic has become more and more widespread, upholding the spirit of "fighting against epidemic like fighting against the enemy", a series of research works and technological products of UD, including VNUK, were born from the hands of lecturers, contributing in time to the epidemic prevention community.


Currently, one unit has used this disinfection chamberand the product has received the special attention and proposal of Da Nang General Hospital for coordination. The manufacturing team expressed confidence in the device’s effectiveness in the coming time when l it is widely installed in crowded places such as offices, schools, and hospitals.


According to the Vietnam Education Newspaper

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