University of Science and Technology - The University of Danang: Educational innovation is associated with creative innovation


The Industrial Revolution 4.0 was taken place since the beginning of the 21st century and had had a strong impact on many fields and aspects of social life. This was a great opportunity in the process of accelerating industrialization and modernization of the country. Enterprises focused on seeking high-quality human resources to serve for key fields such as Information Technology; Biotechnology; Mechanical Engineering; Electronic Engineering; Automation; Manufacturing industry, New generation robots ... The Industrial Revolution 4.0 would be the foundation for the economy to strongly shift from the resource-based model, low-cost labor to knowledge economy; high quality human resources. This was also a challenge in human resources training to suit the needs of life, requiring a change in education and training. 

University of Science and Technology, the University of Danang (DUT-UD) is the leading university in Engineering training in Central area of Vietnam, as well as is classified as a key Vietnamese national university. DUT-UD is also the leading center for scientific and technical research and technology transfer, contributing to the socio-economic development requirements of the region and the whole country. In the digital age, higher education will significant change in the learning environment, the role and responsibilities of lecturers and learners as well as teaching methods. Therefore, the improvement and innovation of education and training activities have been strongly promoted.


Opening several new majors

In 2020, DUT- UD had opened 3 new majors, including: Information Technology - Data Science and Artificial Intelligence; Mechanical Engineering - Mechanical Aerospace Engineering and Computer Engineering. These majors were in line with the current requirements of labor development, which were expected to partly solve the shortage of high quality human resources of society in the upcoming years.



Innovation in curriculum and training methods


In addition, with the goal of increasing the capacity of self-study, self-research, critical thinking, teamwork and presentation skills, from the 2018-2019 academic year, high quality programs and advanced programs of DUT- UD had been implemented under the Project Based Learning model - according to ABET standards (USA). The purpose of this method was reducing the amount of theoretical time, but at the same time enhancing practical skills for students. Actual projects had been deployed by lecturers and students, or in collaboration with enterprises, or projects could be proposed by students to solve practical problems in life. At the end of the semester, students would have to report the projects’ results and be tested and evaluated by DUT-UD, according to standards that had been developed for each project.


 The "Culture of scientific research" is maintained in lecture halls

Prof. Dr. Sc. Bui Van Ga, former Deputy Minister of Ministry of Education and Training, affirmed that Science and Technology activities had contributed to improve training quality and foster talents in the field of innovation. At the same time, creating intellectual products was to promote production process and technological innovation, as well as improve productivity and product quality of industries and localities. Students need to experience scientific research activities to improve critical thinking methods and practical problem-solving skills.


Innovative science and technology activities are strong points of DUT-UD


According to Decision No. 1350 / QD-UBND dated on April 14, 2020, DUT- UD had 05 authors / groups of authors who were awarded the Certificate of Merit by the Chairman of Danang People's Committee for outstanding scientific article published in prestigious scientific journals and 25 authors / groups of authors also awarded the Certificate of Merit for published scientific papers in prestigious scientific journals. At the same time, DUT-UD’s scientific publications in international journals and SCI, SCIE, and Scopus increased steadily. The outstanding achievements in DUT-UD’s scientific research and international publication had been contributing positively towards the socio-economic development of the city, localities of the Central area – Western Highland as well as the whole country


Many creative "playgrounds" are useful for students


DUT-UD has been effectively maintaining student research activities in recent years, creating a lot of useful and creative playgrounds for students to demonstrate their capacity for thinking and creativity, apply theory to reality. Several activities such as DUT-UD’s Techshow - Science and Technology Product Exhibition, IoT Hackathon, Student research activities, Minirobocon, Smart campus, EPICS, Learning Express, etc.

DUT-UD’s students were oriented to do research in equipments and products for start-up activities, production and living activities, Industry 4.0, Smart Cities. Several students' scientific research products were highly appreciated for their creativity, applicability, environmental friendliness ... and ordered by enterprises.


Join hands to prevent and combat Covid-19 disease with scientific and technological products made in DUT-UD

In order to join hands with the whole society in the fight againsting Covid-19, DUT-UD’s lecturers and students had researched and invented a lot of useful science and technology products to serve for community such as: Antiseptic hand sanitizer; the remote body temperature measurement device, robots for transporting food and necessities for the hospital's isolation area, Automatic hand washing machine, etc. At the same time, DUT-UD had applied online teaching tools to ensure the studying progress for students during the social distancing time.


Hang over robots to transport food and necessities for the isolation areas of Covid-19 prevention at Da Nang Hospital for Women and Children


To welcome the era of 4.0, the orientation development of DUT-UD is scientific and technological activities for creativity and innovation.

DUT-UD had proactively changed and improved the curriculum and training methods; applied technology to the teaching process; renovated the cooperative model between universities and enterprises, strengthened the quality of lecturers and management staff. In addition, DUT-UD had actively seeked and developed the cooperative forms with enterprises in scientific research, application and technology transfer, associated with the improvement of the training quality to meet the needs of socio-economic development. Especially, DUT-UD had mobilized resources for training, fostering and developing highly-qualified lecturers and researchers as well as strengthened cooperation agreements with prestigious domestic and international educational institutions in training programs and scientific research cooperation.


The extensive integration in the education internationalization progress

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