University of Technology and Education – the University of Danang had researched and transferred useful products for Covid-19 prevention, ensuring school safety and serving for community


Recently, University of Technology and Education – the University of Danang (UTE-UD) had implemented a lot of synchronous and effective solutions to ensure school safety, as well as do research and transfer many useful technological products to meet the urgent needs in Covid-19prevention of UTE-UD and community.


The process of making up antibacterial hand-washing liquid


Faculty of Chemical Technology – Environment, UTE-UD was a leading unit in doing scientific research and preparing antibacterial hand-washing liquid to serve for personal hygiene of officials, lecturers and students. UTE-UD donated this product to many agencies and schools in Danang such as People's Committees of Thanh Binh ward and Hai Chau District, kindergarten, Ong Ich Khiem Elementary School, Tran Thi LyElementary School, Le Hong Phong Junior High School ...


Automatic Disinfectant Hand Sanitizer team


Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, UET-UD in collaboration with Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, UET-UD to do research and manufacture an Automatic Disinfectant Hand Sanitizer (combined with antibacterial hand-washing liquid prepared by Faculty of Chemical Technology - Environment). The machine had many advanced features, flexible in size, capacity and especially ensuring to avoid contacting with the device to prevent Covid-19. This product was suitable for public environments and crowded places. UTE-UD transferred timely this product to meet the need of epidemic prevention for many agencies, units and enterprises such as: Da Nang City Administration Center, Hai Chau General Hospital, "Beloved rice" program of Young Business Association, Le Quy Don Gifted High School, Tran Phu High School ...


Awarded Automatic Disinfectant Hand Sanitizer for Le Quy Don Gifted High School


The outstanding product of UTE-UD, which was successfully researched and manufactured by research teams of Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, was the UV Sterilization Robot. Robot had been tested in UTE-UD and hospitals, thereby showing superior features, capable of thoroughly killing bacteria, providing a safe environment, effective hygiene in Covid-19prevention. It would be expected that the product would soon be delivered to units in needin the upcoming time ...


The UV Sterilization Robot


Along with organizing online teaching to ensure the studying progress for students, UTE-UD had deployed many propaganda solutions and implemented environmental sanitation and personal hygiene, ensuring school safety according to the recommendations and directions of the medical sectors and the Control Steering Committee of Covid-19 Prevention.  UTE-UD’s useful scientific and technological products had shown their enthusiasm, intelligence and research capacity of scientific staff and lecturers of UTE-UD. In addition, UTE-UD also actively joined hands with community in the Covid-19 prevention with the spirit of "fighting against epidemic like fighting against the enemy", which had been recognized and highly appreciated by society.

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