Combining research with application to have more innovative and useful products for the community



Over time, more and more scientific works of young research groups of the University of Danang (UD) have been applied, implemented effectively in practice, creating more useful and creative products as well as bringing practical values to the community.

Notably, the UD has nurtured and developed a number of lecturers and students’ research teams, thereby spreading the spirit of innovation among the university’s youngters.

Taking advantage of the break between lectures, Dr. Duong Minh Quan (Lecturer of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, the University of Science and Technology, UD) introduced the Danang Newspaper’s reporter to the 20W DC power converter that was made by his team in only 1 year. The converter has a surface size of just approximately a cellphone, but can help increase the efficiency of solar panels by more than 90% thanks to the control method of maximum power point tracking (MPPT).



Dr. Duong Minh Quan is presenting his research project at the city-level science and technology committee.


Dr. Quan said that the research project was implemented in early 2019 in the context that Danang was trying to build “smart city” and “environmental city” with the focus on high technology and clean energy.

After many years of researching renewable energy, Dr. Quan found that most of the solar projects in the city are small-scale ones with limited working efficiency under the random factors of the weather. Besides, the conversion efficiency of most commercial solar panels is only 17%. After 1 year of research, the team has successfully manufactured 20W and 1,650W “made in Vietnam” converters with high performance and low cost.




The 20W converter which has the efficiency of over 90% and the production price of just over VND 200,000, specializes in operating water level sensor lamps, traffic light signals, notice boards at bus stops,…

Currently, at the UD’s member universities in general and the University of Science and Technology in particular, there are more and more applicable products that were ordered by enterprised and then implemented by the university-established research teams.

Ngo Hong Thinh, a 3rd-year student in Electrical Engineering, the University of Science and Technology, is one of the students who were selected to join a research team to implement the DC power converter project with the task of implementing the electric circuits system.



Ngo Hong Thinh was offered a chance to join a research team at his university.


Thinh shared: “Under the guidance of lecturers, I taught myself from online resources. The more I learned, the more I found my passion in discovering new things”. Not only studying theories, Thinh was also tasked with searching materials to assemble the converter. Thanks to “throwing himself into” the team, the 3rd-year student had practical experience in choosing suppliers or the way to conduct transactions,…

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phan Cao Tho, Rector of the UD’s University of Technology and Education, said that the combination between research and application has greatly supplemented the knowledge that students gained from the university’s lectures. “For example, in order to do a research project, they have to carry out survey, build up implementation process, visit enterprises to get documents or conduct interviews,… In addition, through research, students also develop their own scientific mindset, especially the ability to detect and solve problems”, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tho affirmed.



Many useful products originated from students’ efforts.


Dr. Tao Quang Bang, Deputy Head of the Office of Research and International Cooperation – The University of Science and Technology, said that the university’s students are oriented to focus on researching equipments and products to serve start-ups, production and daily living activities, 4.0 industrial revolution research directions, smart city,… Some students’ products which are highly appreciated for their creativity, applicability, environmental friendliness, have received orders from businesses.

* The orginal Vietnamese version of this article was appeared on the Danang Newspaper.